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Sweet Mojo for Landlords & Property Managers

powersThe last time I heard somebody use the word “Mojo”, it was Austin Powers, the International Man of Mystery, as he went on a mission to destroy Dr. Evil...

...while simultaneously trying to “shag” his lovely leading lady.

Well, folks, mojo is back – in the form of one sweet online tool to help landlords, property managers, and investors save time and money.

Introducing ShowMojo (“Yeah, Baby!”)

It’s called ShowMojo, and I recently learned about this groovy website in an exchange with one of Mogul’s esteemed faculty advisors (and a dear friend), Cody Sperber, aka. “the Clever Investor”.

In Cody’s own words…

I don’t think there’s a better way to show a property than by using a ShowMojo link.  It lets prospective tenants schedule a showing online right away. No switching to the phone or email needed.  And they can complete that critical next step on their own time, day or night.”

Currently, ShowMojo is the only online service enabling landlords, property managers, leasing agents and Realtors to schedule and confirm showings with renters and buyers online.

Main Mojo Features

Online Scheduling with Ease

You can add a ShowMojo link to your existing marketing products, in order to let prospects book showings with you online.  When contacted by curious parties, ShowMojo automatically sends an email to your prospects with vital information, including (i) their showing details, (ii) your contact info and (iii) self-service links to either confirm or cancel the showing.

groovyFlexible Scheduling on Your Terms

Take control of your weekly schedule. Use ShowMojo to set and adjust your availabilities for showing a property. You can double-book, triple-book, schedule group showings, and/or group your show times into convenient windows of opportunity that work with your schedule.

Showing Confirmation & Acceptance

ShowMojo automatically requests confirmation for each showing 24 hours in advance, and the automated software will attempt (up to three times) to reach your prospects via email and text.  This way, you can personally bypass the follow-up process altogether, and stop stressing about no-shows.

And what about showings that need to be approved by a tenant or owner? According to ShowMojo, it’s no problem. They automate the work for you and email each approver to keep him/her informed.

Generating Posts that Work with Craigslist

Using ShowMojo, you can create posts on Craigslist that link directly to your scheduling page, helping prospects find you easily.  You can also share your showing schedule, right there on Craigslist.

Convenient Mobile Access

Due to ShowMojo’s mobile-friendly interface, both you and your prospects can review and manage showings from most mobile devices.

Lots of Cool Listings Features

ShowMojo helps you showcase similar units on the market, so you can be sure they’re not missing a beat (and neither are you).  It can even display secondary listings on each scheduling page.

And are you worried about entering endless amounts of data on a regular basis?  Well fear not, dear Mogul!  ShowMojo appears to have that covered, too.  The software automatically imports listings, updates listings, and takes listings on/off the market when you see fit…

swag…so you can incorporate the most accurate ShowMojo links and hot buttons on your website.

Additionally, since it’s important to (i) keep a close eye on your prospect funnel, (ii) know who is checking your scheduling page, and (iii) know how many showings are booked, you can simply add a ShowMojo button to track this anywhere on the web.

Sweet 16: Even More Reasons to Mojoshow

And, as if that wasn’t groovy enough for you, here’s a quick overview of sixteen suggestions we compiled in favor of streamlining your showing-related logistics with ShowMojo. 

Specifically, this versatile software allows users to:

  1. Schedule showing without a single phone call or email 24/7
  2. Confirm showing with prospects (with up to 3 attempts through email and text)
  3. Pull your listing details directly from Craigslist with one-step
  4. Cross-market your listings, and only your listings
  5. Ask customized screening questions
  6. Prepare and/or send tailored follow-up emails
  7. Notify tenants and others about upcoming showings
  8. Track and stay in close touch with leads
  9. Provide easy access to all showing and listing data
  10. Access a full history for each prospect lead in just one step
  11. Email and cancel all upcoming showings
  12. Email inquiries from Craigslist and other sites
  13. Automatically obtain and update your listing data
  14. Update and manage data easily
  15. Personalize pages to your brand
  16. Schedule lease-signings, walk-throughs, and move-ins

(Disclosure:  There are probably several additional reasons to explore ShowMojo – but we had to curtail our brainstorming on the eve of publishing this lesson.  If you can think “outside the box” to identify additional strategies, please don’t hesitate to share them in the Comments below!)

jeopardyHow’s Your Mojo?

Whether you’re kicking a## and taking names with Austin Powers or trying to take your real estate business to the next level, you might appreciate a little mo’ mojo in your business.

However, we note that ShowMojo appears to be ideal for those landlords, property managers, and investors who have already achieved a certain level of scalability* in their operations.  If you’re looking to reduce the time and costs required for staffing and processing a variety of property showings then this helpful software should be a dream come true for you.  Mojo’s entry-level subscription starts at only costs $39 per month, and it can accommodate 100 showings.

*But if you’re brand new to the industry, without a significant number of showings already on your calendar, then you may decide spending $39 on this software is not the “highest and best use” of your precious cash – not yet, at least.


Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Check-Out the Website – Go to ShowMojo.com and see that the company has to say about itself.

Decide – Thoughtfully decide whether your business has enough “critical mass” to justifiy ShowMojo’s $39 monthly fee.

Share – If you can think “outside the box” to identify any additional strategies for MojoShow-related efficiency, please don’t hesitate to share them in the Comments below!

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