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Business Development

REI Biz or REI Hobby? Part 5: Work Yourself Out of the Work

It’s a tough pill to swallow for some, but truth is…you’re replaceable.

I know, I know…it stings a bit at first, but I promise the pain will subside quickly when you hear what David Corbaley – former member of the U.S. Special Forces, firefighter, internet marketer, fitness guru and now REI expert (just to name a few professions…I’m exhausted) has to say about letting others do (some) of your REI work for you.

Today I bring you Part 5 of this awesome video lesson series. We’ve introduced the concept of real estate investment as a business versus a hobby and what that means. You learned how to make the switch from all business to some business, and we shared some thoughts on deal chasers versus deal sifters. All good stuff.

Awesomeness in Store for You

So what’s behind curtain #5? What mind blowing inspirations and insights can you expect to walk away with today? LOTS! You’ll soon learn the importance of…

  • Asking yourself how your business can survive without you.
  • Embracing the notion that others can do a significant amount of work for you.
  • Relying on your (kick butt) team to develop systems for you.
  • Replicating those processes and systems that are already in place and working well for others.
  • Presenting new SOP’s weekly to brainstorm about more efficient ways to work.
  • Focusing solely on the tasks that reflect your personal strengths and passions.
  • Having another set of eyes on your work to be your back up and help keep you focused and in the zone.

Sit back and relax as you dive into this awesomeness…

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God stuff, right?! Well, we’re gonna wrap up this awesome series soon with our 6th and final installment. It’s a great closer so don’t miss it!

I’m Listening…

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Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Realize it’s okay to rely on others to help you reach your goals. The most successful people in life are where they are thanks to the help of rock solid team members who understand the true meaning of productivity and efficiency.

Dream big! Continue to envision your life with more physical and financial freedom. Take what you learn in today’s video to heart, and start making the necessary changes to live the life you’ve dreamed of.

Stay in YOUR zone and focus with razor-sharp precision only on the tasks that reflect your best assets; those that truly drive you and turn you on.

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