Our Team


Rob Swanson

Investing Strategy : Wholesaling

Rob Swanson is an entrepreneur, educator and a real estate investor with over 10 years of experience and is currently an active wholesaler, rehabber and landlord. His philosophy is simple – “learn from your mistakes and don’t do them again” – or better yet – learn from other peoples mistakes and never make them yourself. He will tell you straight if he thinks something is garbage and, will also tell you straight if he thinks something is worth your pursuit.


JP Moses

Investing Strategy : Wholesaling, Web & Tech

JP Moses is a real estate investor in Memphis, TN. With experience ranging from land lording to note buying, rehabbing, and wholesaling. However, wholesaling is the area that he enjoys most and where he brings the most experience and expertise to his students.


Chris Clothier


Chris Clothier manages sales and marketing for Memphis Invest, a business that provides comprehensive residential real estate investment services to remote investors by locating, acquiring and renovating homes on their behalf. Chris served as the external voice for the company, working with potential investors to help them define their financial goals and educating peer companies on best practices in the emerging turnkey real estate industry. He's a nationally recognized real estate speaker and addresses audiences of investors and business professionals nationwide more than a dozen times each year.


Lee Kearney

Investing Strategy : Foreclosures / REO

Lee Kearney, aka “The REO Rockstar,” is one of the nation’s TOP wholesaler's of bank-owned foreclosure houses. He resides in Tampa, FL where he regularly wholesales 15-20 houses per month. Some people are happy to make six figures a year … he isn’t happy with anything less than six figures a month.


Jack Sternberg

Investing Strategy : Wholesaling

Jack Sternberg is a nationally recognized expert on real estate investment. He's been a full time real estate investor for 40+ years, and has done about every kind of real estate deal that exists, many times over. Jack has bought and sold over 2,000 single family houses and over 4,000 apartment units, totaling over $750 million when he stopped counting. He also owns The Noteworthy Newsletter - the note industry's oldest and most respected publication. Think of Jack as the "Obi Wan" of real estate who's forgotten more about real estate investing than most folks will ever know.


Shaun McCloskey

Inner Game, Investing Strategy : Short Sales

Although by the worlds standards Shaun was considered to be a very successful real estate investor, author and real estate coach, he realized that he was working far too much and was consumed by his real estate investing business. By implementing Lifeonaire life coaching into his own personal life and business, this is now a thing of the past. He now teaches others to do the same.


Steve Cook

Business Development, Investing Strategy : Rehabbing / Fix & Flip, Market News

Prior to teaching Lifeonaire life coaching system, Steve was a nationally recognized real estate investing educator, author and real estate investor. Today he is regarded as “The Coaches’ Coach.” Many of the people who have been coached by Steve have become coaches themselves, eager to share what they have learned with others.


Jamel Gibbs

Investing Strategy : Foreclosures / REO

Jamel is also a mentor for other real estate investors helping them to achieve their goals. He is the owner of Mill Street Properties LLC and he invests in real estate all over the United States. Jamel's skills and drive were the winning combination to develop his efforts into a repeatable system. This system is now making him as well as many others tons of money.


Alex Joungblood

Investing Strategy : Wholesaling

Alex is a real estate investor, entrepreneur, coach and internet marketer. He flips between 3-5 wholesale deals a month in three different markets. The main thing he specializes in is showing others how to work on their business and not IN their business.


Cris Chico

Investing Strategy : Wholesaling

Cris Chico is a successful real estate investor in Florida who specializes in wholesaling in local and long distance markets. Over the last two years he successfully flipped 116 properties and generated over $1,452,108 in profits. He rarely personally inspects any of the properties that he flips or meets with any buyers or sellers. In fact, most of the markets that he operates are thousands of miles away.


Trevor Mauch

Web & Tech

Trevor is the Chief Entrepreneurial Officer (CEO of Mach One Media an online media and publishing company and Co-Founder of Automize, a software development venture focused on helping entrepreneurs automate, systemize, and optimize their businesses and lifestyles. Their clients include multiple New York Times best selling authors, and Inc. 500 companies.

Trevor is also the founder of Maverick Entrepreneurs, the outlet of his passion, which is focused on changing the way entrepreneurship is taught in colleges and high schools with an overall mission to directly inspire and assist young entrepreneurs start new companies that create $25 billion in new revenue over 30 years and give back $100 million to budding entrepreneurs around the world.

Trevor bought a 4 unit multi-family real estate investment property when he was 21 and in college with only $600 to his name. (Yep, those infomercials weren’t lying. Crazy huh?)… It has profited every month since then (real estate works!).

Building his first million dollar business by the time he was 28, Trevor is passionate about his family, golf, traveling, marketing, beer (not really a passion, but he always makes it a point to visit the best local breweries on his travels) and helping the younger generation grab hold of their lives and follow their passions through entrepreneurship.


Joe McCall

Investing Strategy : Lease Options

Joe McCall has been investing in real estate for over 5 years. His background and education is in Civil Engineering. Before he started working on his real estate investing business full-time, he had worked for several large engineering & construction companies all around the country.

Joe has tried tons of different investing strategies, but his favorite two have always been Lease Options & Wholesaling. When he got tired of spending over $3,000 a month in marketing for his wholesaling business, and throwing away so many leads from unmotivated sellers, he knew there had to be a better way. That’s when he came across the special niche he calls "Wholesaling Lease Options". As soon as he started implementing his simple, unique system, within 3 months his part-time income quickly surpassed his full-time income. Needless to say, he quickly left his job and has never looked back.

Joe McCall is still working part-time and easily flips 2-4 lease options a month at $3,000 - $6,000 a pop. In addition to doing deals and working in the business every day, Joe coaches and mentors several select students in different parts of the country.


Randy Hughes

Investing Strategy : Lease Options

Randy Hughes bought his first single family home for rental while in college in 1969 and hasnít looked back since. Heís since purchased over 200 houses, and has developed a special expertise focused on how to protect your assets and how to become more private with your personal life through the creative, 100% legal and ethical use of Land Trusts. On the topic, Randy has written extensively for national real estate publications, has published a number of Privacy and Asset Protection books including Land Trusts Made Simple, and has been a licensed Continuing Ed Instructor for the Illinois Assoc. of Realtors for 20+ years. He even teaches land trust law and administration to attorneys.


Justin Lee

Investing Strategy : Wholesaling

Justin Lee has been a full time real estate investor since 2003 when he flipped his first property. Since then he's gone on to do over $25 Million worth of real estate deals in his own personal portfolio. Although he invests primarily in the United States, he's closed the majority of his investing while living outside of the USA in his hometown of Vancouver, BC, or while traveling in Europe or Central America. Unlike strategies that don't work in today's market, Justin's been able to figure out what works in real estate, and has a keen understanding for what it takes to invest in more expensive markets like San Diego, CA and Washington, DC.

In 2008 Justin hired his first interns to help him with his real estate and online marketing companies. Since then, he's helped thousands of entrepreneurs work less, make more, and provide mentorship to the next generation of entrepreneurs through the power of an internship.

Justin currently lives in Vancouver, BC with his wife Dreama and children Stella & Sebastian and enjoys being a husband, father, snowboarder, sports fan and real estate investor. He also enjoys providing mentorship to future entreprenuers through his unique internship programs which allow him to get more done and work less than ever before.


Patrick Riddle


Patrick Riddle been investing in real estate ever since he got the bug in college at Clemson University… and to his parents dismay… dropped out of college to dive full-time into real estate at the age of 22 with a couple friends/partners from school. The first few deals were rough mainly using their own cash, credit, and hard money loans… but they soon found out that was a rough and unsustainable way to build a real estate business.

After “on the job” learning through the school of hard knocks at first, he found the key that helped their company get deals done more quickly, with higher profit, less risk, without having to go to banks or use their own cash. Fast forward to today, their company has closed over 130 real estate transactions and has put over $6 million in private money into our transactions.


Dan Nichols

Inner Game

Dan has been an entrepreneur since an early age. He always had the desire to handle things himself. For him, this makes the wins sweeter and losses about improving performance. This jack-of-all-trades mentality has led Dan to developing a host of consultative services for entrepreneurs and business startups.


Frank Cava

Investing Strategy : Rehabbing / Fix & Flip

Frank is an experienced investor in VA. Since going full-time with investment 3 years ago, he's done over 200 deals in wholesale, retail, rehabbing, rentals, owner financing, REOs, subject to's, and short sales.


Jason Medley


Jason Medley, also known as “The Money Man” is an active, seasoned Real Estate investor and one of the Nation’s leading transactional funder closing 25-30 deals a month. Jason has kept “NO MONEY DOWN” real estate investing alive and kicking in today’s market and his niche funding has helped many investors revolutionize their business while accelerating their journey to financial freedom.


Doug Fath

Investing Strategy : Commercial / Multi-Family

Doug’s real estate and business endeavors have received national acclaim. He was named to the Empact 100 list of Top Young Entrepreneurs in the United States and was recognized for this award at the White House. He is a winner of the 2004 Bank of America Entrepreneurship Award and has been featured and interviewed by ABC News, NBC News, The NYU Report, the Philadelphia Daily News, and Bloomberg TV.


Andrew Massaro

Investing Strategy : Wholesaling

Andrew "The Maestro" Massaro is the founder of Wholesale Coaching, Inc. and is one of the most sought-after wholesale and REO coaches in the U.S. A University of Florida graduate, Andrewís house flipping career started in 2005, during one of the most dramatic and awe-inspiring real estate booms in recent memory.

After many years of success flipping houses in Tampa Bay, Andrew began also pursuing his passion and purpose: hands on, one-on-one coaching and mentoring other investors. Through Wholesale Coaching, students interact with and are coached by Andrew, personally. He has the unique ability to teach and guide his fellow investors to the results they desire. The one-on-one interaction and partnership is the key and what really sets him apart from others who offer coaching.

Andrew is also a loving husband, father to a beautiful little girl, Charlie Lynn, and an active board member of Current of Tampa Bay, a non-profit focusing on humanitarian efforts and showing love to underprivileged individuals.


Christopher Urso

Investing Strategy : Commercial / Multi-Family

Christopher Urso is the founder of URS Capital Partners and National REIS. He has been investing in real estate since 2001. Over the years he has been involved in all aspects of real estate, from single-family fix and flips, buy and hold cash flow houses, and finally to apartment buildings. His real estate investment career only took off when he purchased his first apartment building 3.5 years ago. He now controls over $15,000,000 of apartments and has raised over $8,000,000 of private money in just over 3 years. He now structures investment partnerships to acquire large apartment complexes and also private coaches investors helping them purchase their own apartment buildings.


Mark Jackson


Mark Jackson fondly known as MJ has become the go to Valuation Specialist for people who want to achieve more in their real estate investing business. In 1999, MJ founded an appraisal company and soon after found his true gift was Analyzing Property value for real estate investors. Once MJ began investing himself, the flood gates opened. Since 2000, MJ has been able to close real estate transactions totaling in the Millions and maintains a substantial net worth. InvestorCompsOnline was created to help investors like you do exactly the same. When not traveling in the US and abroad, sharing his “valuation comes first” message, MJ is usually at home working on his many domestic and international business ventures. MJ’s main passions are: faith, family, golf and real estate.


Sean Brooks

Investing Strategy : Rehabbing / Fix & Flip

Sean Brooks has been investing since he got out of college when he was only 22 years old. An ex-athlete turned real estate entrepreneur after reading Rich Dad Poor Dad, a book that completely changed his outlook on life. Since then, he has dedicated himself to the study of Real Estate, Investing, Business, Marketing, and Personal Development. He fixes and flips, buys & holds, does tons of wholesaling, and specializes in the manufactured housing niche where he creates notes. Check out his REI blog at https://REITrainingGround.com & https://SeanBrooksCoaching.com


Jack Bosch

Investing Strategy : Land Investing, Tax Delinquent Investing

Jack Bosch became a millionaire before the age of 35 and has been training tens of thousands of entrepreneurs and investors around the world on how they can view wealth differently and create their own model for living out their financial goals. Bosch is an entrepreneur, nationally recognized speaker, and a wealth mentor. The German immigrant earned his riches through real estate investments - mostly through tax delinquent land and property - and online businesses. He left his job after a corporate downturn, in search for financial security and the American Dream. Within 18 months, he reached his goal by developing and implementing his "Forever Cash" financial philosophy. Now, he and his business partner, who also happens to be his wife, Michelle, teach others how to obtain Forever Cash.


Todd Dotson

Investing Strategy : Rehabbing / Fix & Flip

Todd Dotson of Arlington, Texas is the founder of TIER ONE Real Estate®. Todd brings a reality-based approach to the business of real estate investing with an emphasis on “buying and selling” to create immediate cash and a system for parlaying that into wealth. As the developer of the On-Site Mentoring Program, Todd and his team have the unique advantage of having mentored students in every major market in the United States. Hands-on experience allows him to seamlessly combine wholesale buying and purchase option strategies anywhere in the USA.


Doug Van Buskirk

Inner Game

Before Doug got into real estate investing, he was fascinated with patterns in how people behave. He's used that passion to put a spotlight on the intersection of real estate and psychology, applying that science to networking, negotiation, and marketing. Doug's been investing for a little over 2 years, specializing in single-family wholesaling and mobile homes. In that time, he's also built an online marketing company and real estate coaching program. Doug first achieved his financial freedom at age 25, going from never having done a deal to replacing his 9-5 income with cash flow from income properties in just under 6 months. He lives in Charleston, SC with his fiancé Jen and Lhasa Apso dog, Amber.


Cory Boatright

Investing Strategy : Short Sales

Cory Boatright has started, run, or been directly involved with almost forty different companies since his early twenties. Many of them required good selling skills. That wasn’t a challenge for Cory. He has sold everything from Ginsu knives on eBay and Kirby vacuum cleaners door-to-door all the way to $50,000 high-end electronics online. Out of the forty-something companies, only two of them ever proved to be worthwhile endeavors. The other thirty-eight he decided to call “business therapy”. Interestingly enough, both of the successful companies harnessed the power of the Internet to make their profits. After bringing in almost 4 million dollars in sales from the first company, Cory sold it and directed his passion to the world of real estate investing. Now he runs Shortsaleology.com and has both successful students and certified Shortsaleology trainers that teach every type of real estate investing known to man-kind. Cory has an incredible team that helps people achieve all their dreams and his own. Cory considers the greatest lesson he's learned in life is "Remember... be a servant".


Ken Holmes

Investing Strategy : Rentals

Ken Holmes graduated Clemson University in 1985 with a degree in Economics. After spending a couple years as a raft guide and travelling, he began his career in real estate as a residential appraiser in 1987. He went into business in 1993 and has done just about everything possible in real estate. Rentals, lease/options, rehabbing, short sales, owner financing, development, new construction – he has done them all at different times in his career. At present, he focuses mainly on rehabbing without borrowing money via joint ventures. He is a proponent of a debt free, low overhead business. Ken is married and has two boys. He is an outdoor enthusiast and enjoys whitewater kayaking and camping.


Jason Roberts

Investing Strategy : Short Sales

Jason has invested in almost all aspects of Real Estate however his main focus is Short Sales. Jason owns one of the largest short sale investment companies in the country. He made over 3.6 million dollars flipping houses in 2011 alone. Over the past 10 years, Jason has built 4 multimillion dollar companies from scratch. Most of his time is now spent helping others to do the same either through personal coaching or business consulting.


Suzan Lassiter-Lyons


Real estate investor, author and trainer, Susan Lassiter-Lyons is well-known in real estate investing circles as the “Funding Specialist.” Susan is the author of Mortgage Secrets for Real Estate Investors, Flipping Fortune and the founder and editorial manager of TheInvestorInsights.com, voted the #1 real estate investing blog of 2011.


Dennis Fassett

Investing Strategy : Commercial / Multi-Family

Dennis Fassett earned a BS in Economics and followed that up with an MBA in finance. After working in corporate finance and banking for several years, he started buying single family houses, and quickly built a very nice portfolio of cash flowing rentals. When the credit markets started to dry up and he couldn’t get any additional single family mortgages he shifted his focus to apartment buildings. He now has over $3 million in rental real estate. He manages most of it his self and still has a day job. Dennis has even created his own Private Equity fund to buy apartment buildings.


Jason Lucchesi

Investing Strategy : Rentals

Jason Lucchesi is the co-founder of real estate and marketing company Global Fortune Solutions, LLC. Jason has been in the real estate industry since 2002, where he began his career as a Loan Officer. His career flourished in the mortgage business when he accepted an Account Executive position with Countrywide in 2004. Within his first six months, he had achieved the #1 Account Executive in the Midwest territory. In January of 2006. During this time, Jason began investing part-time in multi-family rental properties while also becoming involved in wholesaling. By 2006, Jason was transferred to the Indianapolis area to save a struggling branch. He quickly took the branch out of the red into the green while also beginning to purchase distressed residential properties part-time. In 2007, Jason began pursuing his ultimate dream of becoming a full-time real estate investor and began investing in REOs in 2008. Since then, Jason has been involved with many aspects of real estate including short sales, tax sales/deeds purchasing, purchasing homes in distress, wholesaling, and many other avenues. Jason has been married to his wonderful wife Jamie since 2007, and they are proud parents to their son's Brady and Gavin.


Erik Stark

Investing Strategy : Rehabbing / Fix & Flip

Erik Stark operates the most successful real estate flipping business just north of Detroit Michigan. Founded in 2008 with rehab extraordinaire Steve Mills, Erik operates the wholesale, marketing and acquisition side of Michigan Property Superstore. Having done over 100 homes in two years, Erik has taught local hobbyists to flip on a professional level and currently teaches for Preston Ely's REO Rockstar coaching program. Erik is the epitome of a Market expert.


Sean Terry

Investing Strategy : Wholesaling

Sean Terry is a former US Marine who led his platoon to battle in Desert Storm and was recognized with multiple awards for outstanding leadership and drive. He has traveled to over 30 Countries around the world serving our Country and learned that fear is just a weak state of mind. After exiting the Marine Corp with an Honorable Discharge he bought his first apartment complex 17 years ago, at the age of 22; he then went on and started a successful sales and marketing company for six years, producing $5,000,000 annually in sales. He opened 6 offices across the country including Phoenix , Raleigh , Cleveland , Naples , Jacksonville , and Pensacola. Because of the success, the parent company employed Sean to travel the US to motivate and train company sales reps; on several occasions the seminars reached 1000+ people. He also executed hundreds of real estate investment transactions, with a cumulative transaction value of approximately $120,000,000. Such investments have included Residential Properties, Raw Land Development, and Multifamily Complexes ranging from single-family homes to 138-acre parcels and 10 Unit to 300 Unit Apartment Complexes under various investment companies.

Currently in this market Sean is buying and selling 7-10 properties a month by either fixing & flipping turn-key cash flow properties with tenants in place to investors across the country or selling wholesale properties to cash investors. Sean has been married to Angela for 15 years and lives in Phoenix AZ and Dana Point CA with his 2 daughters.


Doug Ottersberg

Inner Game

Doug Ottersberg is a lifelong entrepreneur. His depth of business and investment knowledge comes from hands-on experience owning a variety of businesses and investment real estate, along with a deep love of applied learning. In addition to assisting others in transforming their lives by training them to use the skills of persuasion and influence, rapid personal transformation and sub-conscious reprogramming during private one on one sessions, group teaching is also a major passion for Doug.


Alex Pardo

Investing Strategy : Wholesaling

Alex Pardo has been investing in real estate for 9 years. Before he started working on his real estate investing business, he worked for GE Consumer Finance in their Financial Management Program. He quickly realized that staring at Microsoft Excel for 14 hours a day was the fast lane to the dreaded rat race, so he completed the 2-year program, and decided to backpack around Europe and Africa for 3 months, before diving into Real Estate full-time. Two months later, he closed his first deal and made $44,000. Almost as much as he made in 1 year at General Electric, and needless to say he hasn’t looked back. Fast forward to today, he has started several businesses and has learned as much from his failures as he has from his successes. To date his company has closed over 250 real estate transactions and has helped countless homeowners and investors in the process.


Bob McIntosh

Investing Strategy : Rehabbing / Fix & Flip

Bob’s Renovation Domination systems and processes for renovating homes has been tested and works successfully in any market anywhere in the US, and probably the world as well! Bob prides himself on taking what many people think of as technical or out of their league and simplifying the process down to something that they not only understand, but comprehend and can replicate over and over!


David Corbaley

Business Development

David joined the military right out of high school and became a special forces green beret. After 10 years he exited and joined the Seattle fire department. He started his real estate investing career in 2002 and bought his very first property on a lease option. After learning multiple ways to do a deal, like most investors do, he found a serious issue: He kept going broke. He was doing everything the courses said, direct mail, signs, ads and everything else. Same results: Do a deal, get paid, then find himself with little money all over again. Do another deal, get paid, etc. Over and over. The problem was not having leads to fuel his business. No leads or sporadic leads = no/sporadic business.

Finally, he went back to his Commando roots, and approached it from an unconventional standpoint. Then it happened. After 2 years of R&D and testing, he relaunched in 2006 and ended up doing 7 figures that year. It’s cool to have become a sought after marketing master. Companies now seek him out to consult for their business and marketing strategies. He’s known as “The Marketing Commando”, and for good reason: He’s trained thousands of real estate investors and business owners how to turn on the REAL power of marketing in their business.


Steph Davis

Investing Strategy : Wholesaling

Steph Davis started wholesaling in October of 2006. At the time, she had been stuck at a job bartending for the past 10+ years. She was broke and miserable, and desperately wanted out of the bar scene, which I had been stuck in for the last 10+ years.

She ended up closing four wholesale deals by the end of 2006.

Since then, she's closed more deals than she can count, has written two best selling wholesaling courses (Flip This REO and The Cash Buyer Ninja) and continues to teach others how to wholesale with videos, interviews, and as much useful information as she possibly can, because she knows what it’s like to be a broke beginner, struggling to get that first deal.


Tom Krol

Investing Strategy : Wholesaling

Tom is an expert marketer and wholesaler. After being fired from his sales job in lawn care, he started wholesaling houses and quickly rose to one of the most successful flippers in the country, closing more then 100 deals in his first 18 months of business.

You'll find that his approach to marketing is measured, effective and focused on finding deals, not creating them. He developed his strategy in his first few months of wholesaling, pulling the very best methods from the largest flippers in the industry.

More specifically, he uses the perfect blend of data driven marketing (conversion rates, research, and case studies) and content marketing to get traffic, attract home sellers, and locate elusive cash buyers.


Daniil Kleyman

Market News

Daniil Kleyman has been a full time real estate investor and developer in Richmond, VA since 2008. He specializes in acquiring properties for his rental portfolio with a heavy focus on extensive renovations and, lately, new construction. His portfolio consists of both residential and commercial properties.

In addition to his real estate development company, Daniil also runs True Vision Analytics which is a company focused on helping real estate investors evaluate and market their real estate deals. He grew this company single-handedly from inception in 2009 to tens of thousands of active users of it's various software products.


Rob & Kristi Russell

Investing Strategy : Short Sales

Rob and Kristi are a down to earth husband and wife team with 10+ years of "Real World", in the trenches, investing experience. First starting with rentals and quickly growing their portfolio during the boom years, Rob and Kristi found themselves flat in the middle of their biggest deal (a $600K rehab) when the market crashed and everything went topsy-turvy. They quickly learned how to adapt, and then flourish again, even in this challenging market.

Today Rob and Kristi are your friendly neighborhood expert Real Estate problem solvers -- these guys thrive on crafting creative, ethical ways to solve people's real estate problems, and making great money in the process. And seriously, these guys are truly EXCELLENT at marketing, business systems, and bringing creative solutions to tough problems.


Corey Taylor

Investing Strategy : Short Sales, Rehabbing / Fix and Flip, Rentals, Tax Deeds, Educator

Corey Taylor is an active Real Estate Entrepreneur with a specialized focus on investing in tax sale properties. He's also an investment trainer with a highly successful Investing Course called Elite Tax Sale Training.

After graduating from the US Naval Academy in 1997, Corey accepted a US Marine Corps commission as 2nd Lieutenant. Corey began real estate investing around 2001 between deployments. He bought every real estate course under the sun and took action. Having built an investment company part-time, he got out of the Marine Corps in late 2004 and became a full time investor. Within a few years he had over 200 transactions worth of experience in rehabs, wholesales, short sales, lease options, owner financing, note selling, self directed IRAs, and managing millions in private money.

Corey admits his first taste of failure during the Real Estate downturn. He got back up by problem-solving in a down market and discovered how Tax Sales provide both discounted property as well as huge interest returns on capital and that’s where he has focused his efforts ever since.

In addition to working his Tax Sale Investment Strategies full time and speaking around the country, Corey also voluntarily leads hundreds of people through Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University every year and advocates true financial wisdom. Corey and his beautiful wife Andrea have 2 young children.


Brecht Palombo

Business Development, Deal Getting

Brecht Palombo bought his first business at the age of 15 in the late 80s. He's sold software and training to the Fortune 1000 and to government accounts. He started in real estate in 2001 and has since sold more than $250MM in assets. He's sold hundreds of distressed assets for banks and is licensed as a broker and an auctioneer in a number of states in the Northeast. In 2009 he started distressedpro.com and BankProspector in order to help more real estate and note investors and brokers do more lender direct REO and non-performing note deals.


Chris Seder

Investing Strategies: Rehabbing / Fix & Flip, Wholesaling

Christopher Seder is a full time real estate investor from Billings MT (yes, Montana has houses), with over 5 years of real estate investing experience. He has grown his own rehabbing business from doing 1 deal in a year to doing over 10 deals consistently. Christopher's father has been Rehabbing and Buying rentals since the early 1980's and has helped Christopher grow his business into a power house in Montana. Christopher specializes in rehabbing, wholesaling and is a Marketing Machine. His knowledge of marketing and creating marketing systems for his business has allowed him to develop several cutting edge marketing campaigns that he has launched across the country. Because of the remote location he lives in (middle of Nowhere MT), Christopher has focused a lot of effort on Virtual Wholesaling, while still rehabbing 10 to 15 houses a year locally. Christopher currently does 2 to 5 virtual wholesale deals a month while enjoying life with his wife and their dogs. Christopher is an author, speaker and real estate investing coach.


Lex Levinrad

Investing Strategy: Rehabbing / Fix & Flip, Wholesaling, Short Sales, Foreclosures / REO, Rentals

Lex Levinrad has been a full time real estate investor since 2003. Lex has purchased and rehabbed, wholesaled, fixed, flipped and rented more than 500 houses. He is an active real estate investor and wholesales 10 to 20 houses every single month. Lex also fixes and flips properties as well as manages a portfolio of many rental properties in Florida.

Lex is the founder and CEO of the Distressed Real Estate Institute™, which trains new real estate investors how to buy, wholesale, fix and flip properties. He is a nationally recognized speaker and has shared the stage with some of the country’s biggest real estate speakers. Lex has authored 7 books about investing in real estate and has been featured on Fox News Radio, ABC, CBS, and many other online publications, websites and blogs. Lex is the host of the Distressed Real Estate Radio Show and has also been featured as a guest speaker on many other real estate radio shows including the Real Estate Radio Guys, Fox News Radio and many other radio shows. Lex is also the founder of the Distressed Real Estate Investors Association which is one of the largest real estate investment clubs in South Florida. Lex is also a licensed realtor with Charles Rutenberg Realty.

Matt Andrews

Investing Strategy: Wholesaling, Foreclosure

Matt Andrews is a real estate investor, serial entrepreneur, growth hacker, film producer, and #1 bestselling author. He is best known for the Real Estate Investors Guide book series, the Real Estate Freedom Podcast, and founder of Real Estate Freedom. Matt has been seen on CNN.com, Forbes.com, ABC News, and numerous other media outlets. He specializes in trainings Spotlighting cutting edge real estate strategies. Matt and his wife Lindsay travel the world while running their businesses and working as founding board members of 3 charities: Khusi Hona: The Indian Orphan Project, The Rising Heroes Project, and Jamobility: The Jamaican Wheelchair Project.


Steven Howell

Inner Game, Investing Strategy:Wholesaling

Steven "Steve" Howell is the owner and CEO of Inner Warrior Consulting LLC, a training and consulting company designed to help entrepreneurs to build their "inner warrior" and gain the necessary skills to be successful in life and business.

Steve is an accomplished wholesale real estate investor, mentor and coach who teaches business building, mindset, marketing, branding and negotiation. Currently located in Dayton, OH, Steve successfully mentors and coaches students across the United States, specializing in helping them to complete "larger spread-off market deals" in desirable area's from a shoe string budget.

Not only is Steve a master at creating cutting edge, very personal and effective training, he also believes strongly in building a lean business with good stewardship and stresses having the right mindset and inner game in order to be a well rounded entrepreneur.

With this in mind, it is Steve's belief that if he can share with you a valuable insight, shorten your learning curve, and ultimately help you to get results in your business faster than you could on your own....MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

When he's not working...Steve loves spending time with his wife Tyre', family, and friends. He enjoys reading, growing in faith, traveling, dining out, and fitness!


Dolmar Cross

Investing Strategy : Foreclosures, Wholesale

Like many of us, Dolmar is a guy who struggled, at first, to get his investing business off the ground. But, thanks to some fierce determination, raw persistence, and a savvy mentor’s friendly guidance and help, he eventually starting making it happen.But the money went right to his head; he started splurging… snazzy luxury cars, taking friends on lavish trips. He thought he was on top of the world and could do no wrong. Unfortunately that’s when it usually all hits the fan—which is exactly what happened to Dolmar.

When the market crashed in ’08 Dolmar lost everything (literally – everything; he had to file for bankruptcy). Discouraged, he met with an investor who gave him some powerful insight, basically kicked his butt back into dusting himself off and getting right back to it – for the sake of his kids – to teach them that when things get hard, we don’t just quit. We fight on. So with this powerful, new mindset and very little money left, Dolmar found himself with a sincere need to get good property leads without spending any money. Thus sparked the inspiration for the Property Scout Pipeline. What is the Property Scout Pipeline? To put it as simply as possible, this ingenious system starts by helping you post a proven-yet-simple online ad (free), and then begin hearing (typically in under 24-hrs) from people who sincerely want to start bringing you property leads that match your buying criteria.


Peter Conti

Investing Strategy : Lease Options

Peter Conti went from auto mechanic to self-made millionaire in 3.5 years by using his creative methods to profit from both residential and commercial real estate. He has mentored thousands of investors all across the world by helping them to get started investing and purchasing all types of real estate properties.

He currently encourages and guides people who want to profit from real estate but who have limited time to find or manage real estate deals. This group of "Weekend Real Estate Investors" is discovering new ways to profit from real estate without having to deal with tenants, toilets, or all the other hassles of traditional real estate investing.

Peter can be found enjoying his life on the Chesapeake Bay in Annapolis, Maryland with his wife Joanna unless he's visiting one of his four children along with numerous grandchildren who are thrilled to see their "Grampy."