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My #1 Favorite Way to Get Deals Right Now

Want our secret lead generation strategy that even the "GURUS" don't know about? Get our specific proven advice that will work in YOUR market today!

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Hey peeps, it’s the Maestro here, Andrew Massaro, and man have I missed you guys!

We’ve shared lots of powerful lessons together, and in my training call we even explored the world of blueprinting your entire business. Together, we’re growing and learning, and that’s a beautiful thing.

Okay, okay... enough of the mushy stuff; let’s get down to business. REI business.

Today it’s all about lead generation and being a killer marketer. And I’m here to share with you how you can learn to get deals now by using my tried and true favorite method.

Say Hello to my Little Friend

Are there lots of different ways to generate leads? It pains me to even answer that, but yes. There are lots of ways to get leads and most of them work in one way or another, but results will vary based on your location, current market conditions and a few other extraneous factors.

Point is – why not run with a method that you KNOW works?

I’m talking about direct mail. It’s by far the most effective way for me, personally, to generate leads fast and furiously.

Do I believe in a well-rounded marketing plan? Of course. You can’t put all your eggs in one basket, right? Everybody knows that.

mailGenerally speaking, however, the bulk of my marketing budget goes to direct mail, hands down. Direct mail, in my experience, generates mass leads. (If you’re just looking for a few scattered leads here and there, then try traditional classified.)

But let me keep it real – if you want to run with the big dogs and generate a substantial number of leads, then direct mail is the way to go.

Meet the Terrific Twosome

So let me introduce you to my top 2 mailing lists. These guys always have my back, but that’s ‘Massaro speak’ meaning that they consistently produce quality leads. I want you to think about good email lists as powerful and reliable business partners who consistently feed you the information you need to keep your business moving forward.

Are you with me? Good. Now, let’s get into it.

Absentee Owners from Listsource.com:

Here, I target absentee owners who have the equity I need. I pull the list, and for just a few bills, I can get a targeted lists that have (and this is key) long shelf lives.

A good list goes a long way, literally and figuratively.

Pre-Foreclosures with Equity from Realtytrack.com:

Pull targeted lists here as well, but pull from homeowners in foreclosure. The key to this one is targeting homeowners facing foreclosure within 60 days of having their homes auctioned off with 30% equity.

Details, baby... it’s all about the specs.


Look, the business of generating leads and marketing in the right places isn’t rocket science, but it takes a bit of brainpower and let’s face it... you’ve got to tackle specific sellers.

So do yourself a favor; take my advice, be consistent in your marketing, stay the course... and keep it real.

Peace and love. Maestro... out!

Direct Your Questions This Way

Got any diredt mail questions? Hit me up in the comments section below.


Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Don’t judge the effectiveness of your direct mail campaign until after the 4th mailing.

Track everything with a handy-dandy tracking sheet.

Calculate your cost/deal ratio.

Use the info I’ve given you here to help you make better decisions about the most effective places to invest your advertising dollars.

Remember that lead generation will change over time, so move with the market but strive to stay consistent.

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