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Be a Money Magnet. Here's How…

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fonzieThink back to high school.

There was that one guy who was never at a loss for female companionship. Same goes for that one girl who had the trail of guys chasing her.

They were known by one phrase in my high school:

Chick Magnet (or “Dude Magnet”)

Now fast-forward to today.  Just like high school, real estate investing is also all about relationships.  But not just relationships with the opposite sex (although that is probably still very important as well)…

Real estate investors (like you) want to have relationships with people who can help them grow their business.

And what kind of people can help you grow your business a lot?

You got it.

The people who can “show you the money”.

medleyHanging with the “Money Magnet”

We all wanted to hang out with “that guy” or “that girl”, from freshman year to graduation day.  We wanted to learn their secrets and techniques of attraction.  Well, when it comes to private money, Jason Medley is “that guy” – the “Money Magnet”

Jason has spent 13 years honing his techniques for “money seduction” in the lending business – mortgages, transactional lending, hard money.  You name it – he’s done it…

…to the tune of several hundred million dollars in funds lent and/or borrowed.

That’s why he’s one of our faculty members here at Real Estate Mogul!  He’s an expert on how to attract private money!

To wit, in his previous lessons for Mogul, Jason deftly addressed the following assortment of hard-hitting fundraising topics, covering everything from cross-collateralization to building trust with private lenders with a laser focus:

magnetTrolling for Dollars

In today’s video lesson, Jason discusses how to find private money by simply talking to people you encounter on a daily basis.  Just like we were always “fishing” for the next relationship in high school, Jason is constantly setting “hooks” out there for new sources of private money.  (But unlike most high school romances, Jason’s history of financing deals has surprisingly few stories of devastating heartbreak!)

During today’s interview, Jason specifically discusses:

  • Websites that are designed to help you find money
  • How to have people you never met before want to lend you money
  • Turning “How are you?” into “Can I lend you money?”
  • The “three C’s” that will greatly increase the amount of money you attract

So think of your next deal as the prom…  And Jason will help you find a date for it.


Jason Medley Explains How to Be A Money Magnet…

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Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Make a List – Think about all the people that you come into contact with and write their names down on a piece of paper.  Then think of all the people they might know.  Which of them might have money to lend?

Practice Your “Elevator Pitch” – Come up with a quick line like Jason and JP discussed above to whet the appetite of a private lender.  Become comfortable with saying it.  You never know when you might meet a potential private lender.  Be ready when you do.

Review Your Next Deal – Do you have a deal in the works but need money to make it happen?  Analyze that deal from a private lender’s perspective.  What could you offer the lender to make the deal appealing?  How could you lower their risk of losing money?

Talk to People – Even if you don’t have a deal, talk to people with money.  Listen to what they are saying.  What do they get excited about?  What are their criteria for investing?  Try to use what you hear to improve your pitches for money.

Think about Your Lenders When You are Looking for Deals – When you hear what private lenders want, fit that criteria into your deal analysis.  Evaluate the deal from their perspective.  This will help you filter the good deals from the not-so-good ones.

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