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Getting into Your Private Lender's Pants (Pocket) - Part 1

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pantsLet’s be honest: Most private lenders don’t trust you, and they don’t want to proactively offer funding for your deals…


After all, when was the last time a new private lender called you out of the blue to introduce himself and offer you some money?  Never?

That sounds about right.

As you probably know (or are learning), the biggest challenge for investors seeking new private capital is the challenge of establishing trust with private lenders.  When private lenders don’t know you extremely well, they will tend to place most of their trust in “the numbers” – rather than trusting in your “integrity” your savvy “stewardship” of their funds.  And this lack of trust can easily become a self-fulfilling prophecy, or a Catch-22 scenario, which leaves you alone in the cold…

You: “May I borrow some money for my next real estate deal?”

Private Lender: “No. I only lend money to people I trust.”

You: “I am a trustworthy investor.”

Private Lender: “Prove it.”

You: “Gladly. May I borrow some money for my next real estate deal?”

Private Lender: “No. I only lend money to people I trust.”

Sound familiar?

Yeah, I know…  I’ve been there, too.  And I know how frustrating it feels to encounter such cynicism – especially when you truly are a trustworthy investor.

But fear not, my friend!  This vicious cycle can be broken!

jasonJason Medley Has The Solution

Jason Medley (aka. “The Money Man”) is a private money expert who has facilitated over $200 million of fundraising transactions for real estate investors just like you, and he knows how lenders think.  To wit, Jason currently enjoys the honor of leading a high-level mentoring group called The Collective Genius, in which approximately 40 of the nation’s top real estate investors regularly compare notes and collaborate on various fundraising strategies.

Most importantly, Jason recently signed-up to be one of our esteemed advisors here at Real Estate Mogul – which allows us to learn Jason’s strategy for gaining the trust of new private lenders!

According to Jason, there are a variety of factors to consider when building a bridge between “the numbers” (which lenders tend to trust) and you (who lenders may not yet trust).  Tune in today for the first of three lessons with The Money Man himself, so you can learn how to make your private money lender feel safe and secure while lending to you.

Jason Helps You Get Into Your Private Lenders’ Pants (Pocket)…

{Mogul Elite: In the Power Pack tools for this lesson, you can download samples of Jason Medley’s Deed in Lieu, his Installment Business Loan Promissory Note, and the Mortgage he deploys with this tactic.  Downloading these documents indicates your explicit agreement of understanding that the contents therein are provided for informational purposes only. These forms are provided “as is”, without any warranty of any kind, expressed or implied, statutory or otherwise. Any use of these forms is at your own risk. While the information contained therein is designed to provide accurate information in regard to the subject matter covered, it is offered with the understanding that the presenters are not engaged in rendering legal, accounting, or other professional service or advice. We strongly recommend the services of a competent legal advisor be sought before using this form or any of the information contained herein.}


Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Be Sensitive – Make a proactive effort to maximize your private lender’s fears while exploring new collaborations.

Consider a Deed in Lieu – Consider using a Deed in Lieu to help your private lenders feel more comfortable about sending some business your way.

Be Smart – Be sure to consult with your own legal advisor before using any of Jason Medley’s sample forms, included in the Power Pack tools for this lesson.

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