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How to Use Gap Funding for Real Estate

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backAaaaaaannnnnnddddd…  We’re back, baby!


Did you miss us?

(Of course you did!)


Well, it’s a pleasure to be back in the saddle again today, especially since we’re joined once again by the “Money Man” himself, Jason Medley.

In today’s lesson, Jason will be addressing a juicy fundraising topic you might not know much about…

…but it’s a topic which should nonetheless become a standard element of your regular investing vocabulary: Gap Funding.

Granted, many of us many have heard about gap funding (once upon a time?), but what the heck is it really?

And how do we get it?

Gap funding is the amount of money needed to fund an ongoing operation or future development of a project that is not currently provided by cash, equity or debt.  That’s why we turned to Jason – one of our premier funding advisors – because it’s basically a second mortgage on a rehab loan.  It closes the gap after the repair value.

But we'll let Jason take it from there ...

medleyWhen Jason Speaks, We Listen

Here at Real Estate Mogul, we’re thrilled to have wrangled Jason as one of our esteemed advisors, because this financial whiz kid is now at our beck-and-call for all things REI-related (insert villainous laugh here!). And he’s already done a superb job with his awesome advice in several previous Mogul lessons, including these gems:

Jason earned this super cool honor because he’s a private money expert who’s facilitated more than $200 million of fundraising transactions for real estate investors.  He’s also the head honcho of the high-level mentoring group, The Collective Genius, an exclusive, application-only mastermind for the nation's leading investors and private lenders.

According to Jason, you can use the web to help find gap funding from private lenders and companies. He also shares with us the creative approaches that may help you secure those precious dollars.

Now you’re paying attention, right?!

gapMind the Gap

Sure there are differences between regular rehab funding and gap funding, specifically regarding rates…

…but there’s no need to freak out, folks.

Jason deftly explains the differences so you can understand them, teaching you how it can affect the dollars you’ll take home at the end of the day.

And because he’s such a peach, Jason also tells us why gap funding is relevant to you in the first place.

So here it is – gap funding is a powerful tool that can help you get closer to acquiring the money you need to land your deal.  Even more practically, gap funding can provide extremely good investing returns – so listen in as Jason tells us just how healthy those returns could be for you.

Jason Medley Masterminds the Gap…

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Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Learn About Gap Funding – Understand what gap funding is and how you can utilize it to close your deal.

Find Gap Funding Investors – Search the web for private lenders and companies who are willing to take the risk, and perhaps enlist other investors you know personally to help you find them.

Reach out to Jason – Jason’s nickname is the “Money Man” for good reason. Check out his previous lessons on Mogul for insight, and you can even private message this guy on his Facebook page with gap funding questions. Yeah, he’s that awesome.

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