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Inner Game

7 Habits of Highly Ineffective Real Estate Investors

ineffective InvestorHey, JP here… I recently read something I would really like to share with you because it got me so pumped and thinking about my own “inner game” and the way I run business. As I read the article – 12 Habits of Highly Ineffective People – 7 of these habits really stood out when it comes to the world of real estate investing.

When it comes to running your investment business…

Are you effective? Do you even realize there are bad habits you need to change because they’re counterproductive? Well, just like me, you may be surprised to find some strengths you think you have may actually be your weakness.

As you watch this awesome video lesson, I want you to ask yourself:

  • Do I possess any of these “bad habits?”
  • What changes can I make in the way I do business in order to be more productive and successful?
  • How can I learn from this and fail forward?

And don’t simply ask these questions of yourself… but be sure to thoughtfully answer them! 

Go ahead and allocate 10-15 minutes of time (at least) for the important task of considering this stuff later today.(Of course, 10-15 minutes is only a tiny fraction of the time you should spend auditing your mindset each day, but it’s enough to get those introspective juices flowin’…)

JP Moses Presents the 7 Habits of Highly Ineffective Real Estate…

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So, does this stuff help your inner game? If so, how? We wanna hear about it in our comments section below.


Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Identify any ineffective, bad habits you might have.

Plan and attack how to correct those bad habits.

Become organized; take time at the end of your day to reflect and plan tomorrow’s workflow.

Learn to fail forward and turn your temporary bad habit into a permanent effective habit.

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