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Inner Game

"I’m so overwhelmed! What can I do?"

overwhelmedHave you ever felt so overwhelmed and stressed-out that you just wanted to crawl into a corner and cry like a baby?

I’ve been there, too. We all have...

...But only a few people know how to properly navigate these treacherous waters and capitalize on their amazing potential for personal growth.

Doug Ottersberg (or “DougO” as we like to call him) is an inner game ninja who has mastered the art of navigating seemingly “overwhelming” circumstances, and he has a natural gift for helping folks like you and me break through our own inner barriers (which constantly threaten to impair our own resilience).

Oh, and Doug is also successful real estate investor who loves playing ball in the mobile homes niche – so he can relate to the unique stresses associated with growing your real estate business, too!

In fact, DougO has been helping us at Real Estate Mogul for quite some time, as we seek to take control of our own minds.  Check-out Doug’s previous “inner game” lessons to experience the full glory of the unique mindset he recommends for real estate investors:

In today's lesson, DougO wants to give a shout-out to all the multi-taskers who feel overwhelmed with…well…everything.  So, rather than crawling into the corner and crying like a baby, consider the following advice.

dougFrom Doug Ottersberg, Mindset Maven …

At one point or another in your life you have probably felt like your work, home, family, and everything else just keeps piling up.  Every day you are getting farther and farther behind.  All you want to do is rest for one minute and get focused, but as soon as you try to rest something comes up.  Your mind keeps racing and racing out of control until you all of a sudden break down.  

When a person gets so overwhelmed because they have so much on their plate, a weird effect starts to happen.  We start to get less and less done, because all we are doing is spinning our wheels planning and thinking about what needs to be done.  

Today we are going to destroy your overwhelming feeling!

The fact of the matter is this: The main reason we get so overwhelmed is because our own minds get in the way.  We are consistently sabotaging ourselves.  It’s not intentional, but we are so used to thinking that stress in our lives is normal that we keep on doing it over and over again.    

We all have heard the definition of insanity: “You keep doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results.” This totally plays true with your mind and your subconscious thought.  If you keep feeding your mind with the same negative thoughts about having “too much on your plate”, then you will continue to feel overwhelmed.    

In order to stop this feeling you need to feed your subconscious with powerful, uplifting thoughts. The more you decide to take control of your unconscious thoughts, the more success you will experience.  Most people are not aware they are sabotaging their own success. 

stepsHere is a quick and easy process you can use to determine if you’re subconsciously self-sabotaging yourself, or if you need some coaching on managing your time. 

1. Write down exactly what you believe about the annoying situation.  

“I will never be able to spend time with my family.”

2. List everything that will happen if you proceed anyway.

“I’ll get further behind.”

“I’ll get reprimanded by the boss if I take the time away.”

“I’ll miss something important.”

3. Confront each of your previous objections; start each rebuttal with “Fine that Means”.

“Fine, that means I’ll feel recharged by the time away and have the energy to plow through it when I get back.”

“Fine, that means the boss doesn’t agree with leading a balanced life- look at the mess their personal life is in, maybe I can set an example for them.”

“Fine, that means I need to trust my team is competent to handle anything that comes up that can’t wait a day.” 

4. Process the “ Yeah buts”.

The “Yeah But” comes from our subconscious trying to save us from fear.  We have trained ourselves to avoid doing the uncomfortable and the “yeah but” is trying to save us, or so we think.  In order to stop becoming overwhelmed you need to stop listening to your “yeah buts”.    

When you start hearing yourself say, “Yeah but, that I’ll never work”, or, “Yeah but, you’re not serous are you?” it means you are starting to break into your fear.  I want you do a little happy dance when you start to hear yourself say “yeah but” – It means you’re on the right track!  Just keep moving ahead and pay attention to that other little voice letting you know “you got this.”

Stop being your own worst enemy and decide today to take control of your subconscious. 

ninjaHere is a quick lesson on how to become a time managing NINJA

Most people feel like their days are flying by and they are not getting anything done.  If you have control of yourself subconsciously, but if you still feel like you never have enough time to accomplish anything, then you may need a little bit of time management help.  

The first step in managing time is to STOP multi-tasking.  I know you might be thinking, “But I get way more done when multitasking”…  Think about it: When you try and do more than one thing at once, you usually end up reaching the end of the day and actually have nothing totally completed.  You have five projects that are each only a third of the way done!

In order to feel accomplished and not so overwhelmed, you need to give yourself the feeling that your task is getting done.  The best way to do this is to actually feel like you are making progress.  If you leave eight jobs halfway complete, you will continue to feel overwhelmed and feel like a failure. 

Set a goal each day that you will complete your top #1 priority in the morning, and only focus your time and effort on that one thing.   I know that can be a difficult thing to do, but believe me: When you focus on one thing it’s amazing how fast you can get that thing done.  

Take control of your LIFE!

A lot of people are schlepping their way through this life feeling overwhelmed all of the time, and they really have a hard time grasping the idea of controlling their subconscious thoughts.   In order to have complete control over your subconscious, it’s going to take lots of practice and time.  Make it a goal to pay attention to your subconscious mind daily. The more you do this, the more you will learn why you are so overwhelmed.


Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Ask Yourself – When feeling overwhelmed start by taking 5 minutes to ask yourself, “What is causing me to feel this way?”

Answer Yourself – Write down what exactly is stressing your out about the situation.

Dig Deeper – List all of your fears of what will happen if you continue anyway.

Put Your Fears In Their Place – Confront all of your fears with a “Fine, that means” statement.

Listen to Yourself – Practice actively listening to your subconscious mind.  Ask yourself, “Are these thoughts helping me or hurting me?”

Be Proactive – Practice filling your subconscious mind with powerful, successful thoughts.

STOP Multi-Tasking – STOP multi-tasking and start focusing on the #1 task you need to accomplish each morning.

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