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Investing Strategies

Confessions of a Former Bulk REO Investor

noogieNobody wants to enroll in The School of Hard Knocks.

Tuition is too high.  Graduation rates are too low.  And, besides, who wants to spend their days getting knocked-around with a bunch of other human punching bags?

Not me.

And not you (if you’re smart).

No, we want something better than personal enrollment in The School of Hard Knocks: We want to be friends with someone who already graduated!

And that’s what makes today’s lesson so special.  Today’s lesson is a continuation of our fascinating (and wide-ranging) chat with turnkey rentals guru Lori Greymont, with a special emphasis on “lessons learned” from her previous years in real estate.

Not long ago we had the chance to corner Lori for an extended, unscripted dialogue about her operation and how she does what she does. And we're currently in the process of sharing some key lessons from our in-depth conversation, for anyone in Mogul who may want to learn how one of the greats does it – or maybe even follow in her footsteps.

priestBut don’t follow too closely, because Lori will be the first to confess that she has made some strategic missteps along the way.  (Of course, when you’re involved in as many deals as Lori has been, a few mistakes are bound to occur sooner or later!)

Since 1987, she’s been involved in all matter of traditional and creative deal making – rehabs, wholesale, lease options, sub-2, land contracts, bulk REO, etc...

…and today’s lesson draws heavily from Lori’s experience in the bulk REO arena.

So if you want to peek inside The School of Hard Knocks with a reflective foreclosures expert, then the following video is perfect for you.  Class is now in session!

From Lori Greymont, Former Bulk REO Investor...

{Mogul Elite: Download and listen to our conversation in the Power Pack Tools for this lesson.}


Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Search – Search the web for bulk REO dealers in the market(s) of your choice.

Communicate Directly – Express your interest directly to the REO dealer, rather than communicating indirectly through a third party representative.

Research Well – Call county tax assessors and/or city government offices to conduct thorough research on related tax liens and/or compliance issues.

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