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10 Key Steps to Create a Killer Bandit Sign System

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7 secondsHey Moguls, JD Esajian here talking about bandit signs.

Yep, bandit signs. Have they gone out of vogue? Or are they still a vital part of your real estate investor marketing strategy? The investors who are hesitant – not sure if they should or should not go this route – usually wind up with poor results. However, those who set up a workable system and approach sign marketing with all the zeal and enthusiasm of any other marketing strategy (by setting up a workable system), are highly successful.

Marketing with bandit signs has been around for a long time. They’re used for yard sales, garage sales, campaigning political candidates and investors looking for houses to buy.

A bandit sign is any sign that’s placed outdoors to attract attention. Typically for real estate investors, their signs are placed in areas where there’s high traffic.

In this lesson, I’ll be reviewing 10 steps that go into a bandit sign campaign – or a bandit sign system. This is because every part of your investing business should be based on systems. Systems are repeatable. Systems, if done correctly, help you to move out of the way and hire others to step in. This is how you advance from being a technician, to a manager and ultimately to an entrepreneur.

Step #1 Get a Vanity Phone Number

This is a phone number that’s easy to remember. Many of your signs will be in busy traffic ways; you want those who are driving by to be able to quickly read and remember the number. It could be numbers repeated, or number patterns repeated.

Step #2 Choose Your Message

“We buy houses cash.” “We buy homes cash.” Notice the change in words – the words you use can cause different emotions in people, so choose them carefully.

The message also includes the colors of your sign’s background and the words. Choose colors that stand out from a long way away – like black on bright yellow.

Step #3 Materials for Posting Signs

Assemble the materials needed for putting out signs. You’ll need a heavy duty stapler and sticks on which to post the signs. Or you can staple them to wooden utility poles.

animalsStep #4 Create a Route Map

Now it’s time to map out the route where you’ll place your signs. If you plan to take your signs down, this will help you remember where they are. If you outsource the work, you’ll need a route map that the worker can easily follow.

Step #5 Order Signs

Before you order your signs, take time to research sign companies on Google. Compare pricing, shipping costs and shipping time. Order a small batch at first and test the supplier.

Step #6 Run an Ad to Hire Someone to Place Signs

Perhaps you’ve put out signs on your own for a while but now it’s time to outsource. So place an ad to find that worker.

Step #7 Interview and Train Sign Worker(s)


  • Vehicle
  • Current driver’s license
  • Updated insurance
  • References
  • Flexible hours

Step #8 Execute the Campaign

Now it’s time to supply your worker with needed materials and have the signs posted.

Step #9 Track Responses

When the phone starts ringing, you’ll need to ask how the caller heard about you. You may have other campaigns going – like direct mail – so it’ll be crucial that you learn where the lead came from so you know what marketing strategies work and which don’t. 

ballsStep #10 Rinse and Repeat

Most investors goof up because they’re not consistent in these marketing campaigns.

You must keep going… doing it over and over. During these campaigns, you’re testing and measuring to determine if you’re getting the most bang for your buck. Spend your marketing dollars wisely.

There You Have It

Well, there they are, my 10 steps to systemizing your bandit sign campaign. Go over this material several times and get the steps down so they’re easily repeatable. There’s no sense in starting a campaign if you’re not going to set up a workable system. Because then you’ll be working harder and not smarter.

After seeing this lesson and how easy it is to systematize a part of your business, you may be asking yourself if you should systemize every part of your business

Without a doubt, systemization is one of the key things that can be a leverage point for you in your business. My advice: Don’t start any new marketing campaign if you’re not going to create a system to implement it.

You know, this reminds me of a quote from one of the richest men in the country, investor, businessman and entrepreneur, Warren Buffet:

“Someone's sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.”

All of us will at one time or another be sitting in the shade of what we “planted” years ago. (Be that good or bad.) For instance, when you set up systems (like this bandit sign system) early on in your career, it will continue to provide you with results for years to come. That’s what smart and successful investors do.

Many people get in a hurry and expect things to happen overnight. If you apply yourself each and every day to the tasks at hand – getting better and better at what you do – over time, you’ll see the results. What the world might consider an overnight success, has been years and years in the making.

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Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Initiate your sign campaign with a plan, a purpose and a system.

Review and follow the steps given in this lesson.

Be consistent, avoid the start-and-stop pattern in your campaign.

Outsource as soon as you can – channel your energies toward tasks that only you can implement.

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