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David vs. Goliath: Calling on Congress to Rethink Wall Street Bulk REO Buys

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david vs goliathWe want to update you on an important industry concern and what’s being done about it.

You may recall one of your Mogul benefits is our lobbyist John Grant – this guy‘s actively making moves in Washington for the entire REI industry – for all of us, on our behalf. He’s our advocate, our reconnaissance team AND our foot soldier on the Hill.

We have of course been in discussions with John the disturbing, growing trend of institutional bulk sales from major Wall Street players actively trying to scoop up billions in residential properties. We see this as one of the toughest pills for many mom and pop investors to swallow right now in the current market.

Look, we all believe in the free market, and we’ll fight to defend it. But we don’t feel this trend is healthy at all – not for the “regular” investor on the street (the backbone of true recovery) and not for the market as a whole. When one of these funds blows up after buying thousands of houses (and they will), the fallout will be widely felt.

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