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The Right Way to Deny Applicants Your Rentals

Editor’s Note: Hal Cranmer has had a wild past. Born in India, he’s lived all over the world and started his working life as an Air Force Special Operations and Commercial airline pilot. After 9/11 brought him down from the clouds, he entered the corporate world and rose to the level of running a $36M machining plant. Yet from 2006 on, he caught the passion for real estate investing. He flipped a bunch of houses in Minneapolis and still owns several multifamily rentals there. Lately, he is into assisted living, and owns 5 assisted living homes in the Phoenix area. He loves to follow real estate trends, both locally and nationally.

As an ongoing contributor to Mogul’s “Market News Updates,” Mr. Cranmer provides us with his own unique, lively and thought-provoking commentary on the timely industry news and events of today that are impacting our industry. And be sure to check out our other super-helpful


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