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Podio – One Cool Tool for Collaborating on Deals

herdingEver heard of “herding”?

No, I’m not talking about flocks of livestock or cattle whistles.

(I’m a man of many talents, but cow herding isn’t one of them.)

Instead, I’m talking about an important entrepreneurial concept that is sometimes referred to as the “grooming” of prospective clients – or the process by which you build an imaginary fence around your “herd” of prospects and existing clients.

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with this concept, effective herding allows your business to maintain a steady marketing presence amongst the right demographics, in order to (i) retain current clients and (ii) keep your services fresh on the mind of anybody who may be interested.

No cattle whistles allowed.

So, why am I sharing this amusing yet useful terminology with you in today’s lesson?

Well, the ability to execute a strategic herding campaign is one of several distinguishing factors that differentiate today’s featured software from the plethora of other project management tools on the market.  (Oh, yeah…  And it’s free!)

collaborateIntroducing Podio, for Project Management on Steroids

Podio is a simple web-based project management platform that can be customized to work just like you work – only better. (No offense.)  With Podio, you can create “workspaces” for each member of your dealmaking team, where your team can input and maintain all pertinent information about a variety of topics, including:

  • Clients (for marketing and CRM)
  • Leads (for vetting and follow-up)
  • Properties (for asset management and portfolio analysis)
  • Deals (for collaboration and teamwide number-crunching)
  • Operations (for delegation and accountability)
  • And more…

The free software’s customizable interface essentially turns Podio in a brilliant platform for “project management on steroids”.

Mogul’s Joe McCall Gives Two Thumbs Up to “Super Simple” Podio

I recently sat down with fellow faculty member Joe McCall – a fellow real estate entrepreneur, podcaster, coach, and author – in order to learn more about this new thing called Podio…

thumbs…and I quickly learned that Joe is a big fan.

Joe had previously mentioned Podio to me in a recent email, so we started talking about (i) what it is and (ii) how it can help all the real estate investors here at Real Estate Mogul.

In Joe’s words “It’s not a cure all for every single business need, but it’s so simple you’ll be blown away! It can be used in any business, it’s FREE, and it’s customizable.”

Watch Joe Demonstrate Podio’s for Investors and Entrepreneurs…

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Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Sign-Up for Free – Click here to get your free Podio account.

Improve Your Teamwork – Let Podio improve your business’s teamwork by providing your team with a simple web-based project management platform, which can be customized to keep everyone in-touch and everything on-track.

Enjoy – Enjoy increased productivity, accountability, and profitability!

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