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Why Your Website is Now Invisible to Half the Internet

dohYou know you need to be seen and found on the search engines – that’s a given these days. But, in spite of using all the SEO tricks they know, many investors are still invisible to about half of the internet! And you may be included.

How can that be?

Well, you’re going to learn the answer to that question in this awesome video lesson that stars our favorite website guru, Trevor Mauch. Trevor has a passion for marketing and growing companies utilizing the internet. He handles the strategy behind InvestorCarrot and makes sure the websites help customers get the results they want and need.

Check out some of his incredible past lessons and training calls, so you can learn more about why his expertise is so impressive.

If you’re in a quandary about your own visibility on the internet, you have to check out this eye-opening video lesson...

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Now that you know where you might be missing the boat, it’s time to get busy. Take the needed steps to ensure that you can be seen on the internet – no matter what device your site visitor is using.


Got any web questions? Holla at me in the comments section below.

Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Find out if your website is mobile responsive (if it’s not, take steps to correct that).

Ensure that your visitor (using a mobile device) can interact well on your site.

Search Google to find and use their “Google Mobile-Friendly Test” for a free analysis.

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