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Moguls just like you are active with the daily ins and outs of their real estate business … marketing for leads, analyzing deals, negotiating with sellers, negotiating with buyers, etc …

At, we take pride in having true action-takers in the Mogul community whose businesses are lives are being transformed each day because of


“Funded in 24 Hrs!”

“… Btw, ONE DAY after I posted my deal for funding, I have a commitment to fund my deal from someone who got the email.

Great job with this site and clearly its going to continue to help improve & build my business… Thanks, and keep up the good work!”

Darren Dicke
3-D Property Solutions, LLC
icons/point.png Columbus, OH


“Motivated Sellers Calling! All Due To ..”

“This site has done more for me than any other with all the great lead generating ideas and education so it's kind of difficult to pinpoint just one thing. The Best most recent thing was the lesson on finding divorce/probate leads from county records.

I read the lesson, then the next day I went down to the Los Angeles, County courthouse and pulled some records and send some post cards. Within two days of sending the cards, I had motivated sellers calling! It was awesome!! And a lead source I would never have considered on had it not been for”

John Sinclair
Sinclair Homes, LLC
icons/point.png Los Angeles, CA


“The Best Deal-Makers In The Business!”

“Real Estate Mogul is a collection of some the best real estate deal makers in the business. We create and gain knowledge through our interaction and lessons, working deals through together, sharing war stories and transitioning our approach to coincide with the market changes.

Market conditions are different in different markets and different sections of these market. We work through all of these on here. Participate in the action and learn as you go and grow.”

Patrick Kane
Realistic Equity Solutions
icons/point.png New York, NY


“Amazingly Awesome Material!”

“Thanks, I am soaking up all of your lessons and interviews like a sponge. amazingly awesome material. thanks for your insight and advice.”

Lev Mills
icons/point.png Atlanta, GA


“Paid For Itself In One Week!”

“Hello Everyone I’m Paul Romero, better known here in the mogul community as the face of my partner John Luyster, and we are Come visit and us and get yourself some of this great Phoenix Arizona opportunity. But this is not a commercial, this is about the ‘Mogul’. On 11/21/12 we secured a nice ‘Little’ deal on 986sq' 2/2 townhome which we placed on the site requesting funding—immediately after joining the Mogul on, I think it was the 3rd day it was offered.

Not really expecting any response but we were hoping to try to take this down ourselves as we were running out of time to flip this contract. To our surprise we were contacted by Patricia C. of So Cal offering to fund our deal. Unfortunately it turns out they were not yet set up to fund deals here in Phoenix AZ. So Close!!

However! Just two hours after our conversation Patricia called us back—she and her husband decided our deal was so good they were going to buy it for themselves. And they were right as you’ll read in a minute. We sold it to them with a discount from our original price—which was no more than 80% of current value. We were going to help get them get set up with a management company—which John’s wife just happens to work at, that won’t be necessary now as they’ve altered their exit plan. John owns a paint company and is going to do a little free painting for them. We’re going to make arrangements to have a dishwasher unit installed for them—the only thing the unit really needs. We we’re going to set them up with a contractor to do a couple minor upgrades but instead they’ve opted to seek a lease option buyer rather than just a renter—which we are going to help them find as well. Oh Yea!!! And we just closed this deal on 12/28!!!!

John and I made a nice pay day, since we actually signed the contract with Patricia on the last day of our inspection period we’re just about lose out on this deal completely, as we were going to have call the seller and cancel our contract. Did I say they got a GREAT Deal!! Wait till you see how Great.

They’re pulling down a Cash on Cash Return of a WHOPPING 35%!! Did I just say THIRTY FIVE percent ROI!!!!! Way to go Patricia!! I completely do not understand why we weren’t able to find a local buyer willing to take this deal, but that is just one important reason we all Need the Mogul. They’re getting a 106% profit margin. No 3/2 SFR is going to have that kind of appreciation Phoenix!!!

Let us say Thank you to Patricia for making Johns, myself, and the Sellers Christmas!!! And to Preston for making this all possible!!

Finally I want everyone listen up here minute. If you have any doubt about what the mogul is about and the validity of the “Beast”—I call it—coming out with both barrels blazing and buying up properties like they were candy canes on Christmas, Preston is right on the money with this people!! I was at an investor meeting two weeks ago and there was an acquisitions agent from Blackstone there—and no I did not get a chance to hook with him but I have way to do so. I know that was your question Preston—but he sat there right in front of everyone and announced proudly that they have already, in just 7 months of being here in Phoenix! Purchased 2800 properties!!! And they want AT Least 3000 more!!! And that’s just ONE of these major funds guys. Sure that’s only 6k out some 1 million plus households in phoenix but consider this. At most only ¾’s are rental type properties, so 6k out of lets say 750,000. Still small but let’s bring in 10 more funds and now that’s 60,000 out of 750k, almost 10%.

Now do you think once they’ve figured out how to monopolize wall street with this type of trading they’re not going to be hungry for more, and now 20 more funds jump in and these original 10 return to double their holdings and suddenly you’re looking at 240k out 750–30% and rising!! Rapidly! So not only do we need to band together here in the mogul community but start looking for ways to start your own tribe right there wherever you are doing business. I think the bigger we can make our own personal investment communities the better chance we’ll have to avoid becoming part of the 97%. Thanks all, John and I are looking forward to working together with all of you. And if you’re ever interested in the Phoenix market please don’t hesitate to call us up, visit the website at to see the deals we have available, get our phone numbers, and email. Happy Holidays and let’s all have wonderful 2013!! I’m outta here!!

John Luyster
TWP Property and Investments LLC
icons/point.png Phoenix, AZ


“More Valuable Than All Other Courses COMBINED.”

“I just want to say a sincere thank you to you for the fantastic work youre doing here on mogul. The interviews you do and the guests you choose to interview are amazing!. I have purchased thousands of dollars of courses but I can honestly say I'm learning more valuable relevant information here from you guy’s more quickly than all of the courses combined. Thank you for taking my call during your interview with Ken. The light-bulb went on when I heard both your answers.

Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate what you’re doing for me, my career and my goals.”

Patrick Tarmey
Celtic Construction Corporation
icons/point.png Lynnwood, WA



“This site has inspired me that it can be done today even in this rapidly changing environment. Finding Steve Cook&rquo;s face and name here gave me the confidence that it was legit, as I used to attend MAREIA in Baltimore way back in the early part of 02 and 03 when he was just developing his flipping homes course. He was real and down to earth.. This site has given me a new found hope!“

Jason Evans
icons/point.png Hagerstown, MD


“Keeps Me UP & RUNNING”

“I jump on the site multiple times a day. I read, I search, I study. The motivation articles, like the one today, ‘Good vs. Great: How Bad Do You Want It?’ really keep me up and running.”

Ted Brown
Advent Property Investors
icons/point.png Miami Gardens, FL


“No Other Site Is Offering This Kind Of Insight”

“ has opened up a new way for us to learn and practice real estate investing.. The resources we have access to is amazing and no other site is offering this kind of insight.”

Frantz & Jerry Normil
Normil Properties
icons/point.png Philadelphia, Pa


“2 Funding Offers & 3 Buyers Within 1 WEEK

“Best RE program I have ever seen or been apart of... Has, and continues, to connect me with other buyers and sellers in the local market. Posted a multifamily unit and had 2 funding offers and 3 buyers with in 1 week!!!”

MJM Properties, LLC
icons/point.png Houston, TX


“My First Deal!”

“It has helped me learn a whole lot more about real estate investing than I have ever learned. I will soon be making my first deal..

Thank you Preston for the technology. This will help my business greatly.”

Lyle Giles
Prime Beef Properties
icons/point.png Sacramento, CA


“Funding Within 48 Hours .. Personal Relationships .. You Cannot Beat That!”

“It has helped me with funding after posting my wants, and within 48 hours. I have also developed personal relationships from knowledgeable investors near me. I simply asked for help and an opinion on the site, and they literally called me and shared an hour of their wisdom with me. Free knowledge and free training. You cannot beat that!”

Lance Schaefer
PNM Holdings
icons/point.png De Moines, IA


“Totally Worth The Money!!”

“You are doing such and awesome job with this site and it is much appreciated! Totally worth the money spent!! LOVED the call and the contents was definitely a ‘plethora’ of information about HUD! :)”

Dawn P
Revitalized Home Properties
icons/point.png Lancaster, PA


“Achieved It All With Real Estate Mogul”

“Not only did I locate a R.E.O. Property, I was able to actually talk to the listing agent and get a tour all on the same page. It has been very difficult form me to reach a real person that quickly when dealing with REO’s. It’s been even more difficult to get a person eager to sell a REO property. I achieved both with Real Estate Mogul”

Millard Heath
icons/point.png Phoenix, AZ


“Valuable Information .. Great Training”

“ has provided me valuable information, especially for funding, and mindset. As well as great training with the live calls. Like how to set up a Land Trust.”

Brian “mediamerlin” Woodbridge
icons/point.png Hanover, Ontario, Canada


“All The Tools I Need to Succeed”

“ has helped me overcome my fear of starting my own business. It provides all the tools I need to succeed.”

Helen Schulte
icons/point.png Burlington, Ky


“Hope and Knowledge to Change My Life”

“…it’s given me hope and the knowledge to change my life not only for me but my family.”

Joseph Aros
icons/point.png Tucson, Az


“Thanks for Keeping The Flame Burning!”

“Give me hope that I could earn a living in real estate. I am aware that I have to give it some time, regularly. Thanks for keeping the flame burning!”

Louise Labrosse
icons/point.png Montréal, Quebec, Canada


“I Now Have The Confidence I Need”

“Even though I have yet to do my first deal, having the ‘Do Deals Finding Buyers’ information gave me confidence. I have made contact with a local realtor and I feel comfortable sending email showing these deals.”

Charlene Garrison
icons/point.png Oak Park, MI


“Opened My Eyes to The Truth”

“Real Estate Mogul has given me the right attitude and understanding of real estate today. Before this I thought I knew alot until I came here…this website has opened my eyes to the truth about real estate and has given me a new fresh start to making money and I am so totally excited to get my first check soon.”

Dawn Galiza
icons/point.png San Diego, CA


“A Whole New Network”

“RealEstateMogul is helping me to reach out to a network of people that I can partner with beyond my current community.”

Susan W. Holland
icons/point.png Silver Spring, MD (DC Metro Area)


“The Tools & Support I Need to Succeed”

“I am so glad to be a member. You display a wealth of knowledge regarding all aspects of Real Estate investing in all forms. The only one that’s subject to fail are those who don’t take the time to read. You must learn your business in order to become successful! This website has increased my level of confidence knowing I have the tools and support I need to succeed! Thank you Preston for all your contribution!!”

Karen Reese
icons/point.png Houston, TX


“Given Me Confidence … I Can Be Financially Independent!”

“Given me confidence that I can be financially independent and that through this system, I can be the stay-at-home mom I’d like to be. I never saw the downside of the 9 to 5 job life until I had my baby. I am working now, but it is a soul-sucking and exhausting experience. I have worked for almost 20 years without a vacation and no benefits. Now, with my baby, we deserve to have a wonderful life without limits. Real Estate Mogul is helping me achieve that!”

Stacey Jackson
icons/point.png Lawrenceville, NJ


“Mogul Has Got Me Doing Deals”

“Real Estate Mogul has gotten me out of stagnant ‘study & learn’ analysis paralysis mode and doing deals instead of constantly learning.”

Garrett McCallister
icons/point.png Palm Harbor, FL


“REM provided me with the support and encouragement that I needed to successfully close my first deal!”

Samantha Gardner
icons/point.png Miami, FL


“A Nugget of Knowledge That Fuels The Day”

“Reading my daily email keeps me focused and in the mindset, every morning when I sit down at my desk and start my day. It’s like being fed a nugget of knowledge as your morning breakfast that fuels you for the day.”

Merydith Endelman
icons/point.png Caldwell, NJ


“Real Estate Agents, Closing Agents, Everyone You Need Can Be Found Here!”

“The connections… I have found contractors, painters, Real Estate Agents, Closing Agents, Everyone you need to talk to in order to get the job done, can be found here.”

Dale Gwynn
icons/point.png Orlando, FL


“Finally … Enough Information To Actually Take Action”

“I've bought countless other courses, and everything else seems to be just enough information to get you interested, but not enough to actually do anything that makes any money. For the first time, I feel like I have enough to actually take action that every other RE investor isn't.”

Jon Allen
icons/point.png Ringgold, GA


“The Knowledge to Make REAL Cash!”

“It’s given me the knowledge to go out and make real cash it’s not a bunch of circular talk it’s the real deal.”

Steve Rambo
icons/point.png Hamilton, OH


“Great Content & Info From Investors Actively Doing Deals”

“It has taught me the in’s & out’s of real estate. Meaning it has given me great details that you dont hear anywhere else. Like the what, when, why, & how! Great content & info from real estate investors actively doing deals!”

Darren Herrington
icons/point.png Atlanta, GA


“Everything is Here … And I Mean EVERYTHING!”

“The tutorials are absolutely AWESOME! I’ve NEVER seen anywhere else on the web give so much detail into the specifics of marketing, finding cash buyers, sellers and insider tips and advice. Whats best is that EVERYTHING is here and is easily found. And I do mean EVERYTHING. No taking hours of searching forum posts and gathering information. Its all right here categorized and shelved and continues to grow. Every time I turn around there is something new. I highly recommend to anyone getting involved with real estate investing.”

Geoffrey Jones
icons/point.png Flushing, NY


“The Things I Need to Know AND How to Apply It All.”

“It is teaching me things I need to know while then teaching me how to apply it all. It’s honestly GREAT!”

Alexandria Reagan
icons/point.png Goldsboro, NC