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Business Development

5 "Don'ts" I Learned in My First 5 Years

Experience is the best teacher.

We’ve all heard this idiom since we were children. And to some extent there’s truth in it... As a kid, you touched a hot pan and the resulting pain and discomfort taught you that you aren’t supposed to touch a hot pan. Right?

However, preceding the actual touching, mom was probably standing nearby saying, “Don’t touch the hot pan.”

In that case, learning from someone else would have been much less painful. (Mom knows from her experience, right?)

And that, guys, is exactly what’s going to happen in this awesome lesson video. JP Moses, Director of Awesome, is going to take you on a journey into his past experiences and confess to a few of the blunders and mistakes he made along the way.

Saving Hours of Time

And lucky you – because when you heed these warnings from someone who knows and has been there – it can save you not only pain and tears, but also hours and hours of wasted time. Why should you have to pick your way through a minefield when someone else has already been there, done that?

Look, JP has been involved in investing for about 15 years.  His experiences range from landlording to note buying to rehabbing and wholesaling. JP really knows REI so make sure you check out his terrific  podcasts too.

Watch and see how JP saves you lots of time and helps you avoid some potential pitfalls.

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Care to Share

Are you brave enough to share some mistakes you’ve made to help others avoid them? We wanna hear from you in the comments section below.


Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps
  1. Don't assume anything – make it your job as a real estate investor to verify any and all details.
  2. Check your gut instinct - watch who you trust and get everything in writing.
  3. Keep yourself in a position where you can be choosier and do the better deals – don't step over dollars for dimes.
  4. Don't go full time too early – save up a minimum of 6 months living expenses (cash) in the bank.
  5. Always be marketing –the stream of leads needs to flow continuously.

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