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Business Development

Are You Hiring the Right Team Members

teamworkSomething I’ve learned and now teach is that we can’t and shouldn’t do this business alone. So, you need a solid quality team around you to support you and help you scale as you grow your business

But how do you bring on the right people for the job?

What do you look for in candidates?

Hey Moguls, Chris Clothier here, and that’s what I’m focusing on in today’s lesson.

Getting the right people on your team from the start will save you loads of time, money and frustration.

Here are few qualities I look for…

Grit and Grind

One of the first things I look for in a team members isn’t an actual skill…

Nope, I’m looking for a person’s determination. Their grit.

Do they seem like the type of person who’s willing to get out there, get the job the done and even take on more…

Are they going to ‘outwork’ everyone else?

They’re motivated and have the drive to crush it… we simply need to get out of their way as they take action.

That’s grit. That’s what I want on my team.

Helping Hand

Another trait I look for is someone who believes that they can get anything they want in life AND they also see that others can get everything they want in life. Here’s the kicker… they help people see that too.

So, I’m looking for a willingness to help others, a willingness to serve others, even if it means putting themselves in the background.

As cliché as it is, there is no I in team. I want a team player. I want someone who doesn’t throw people under the bus for their own gains. I want someone who raises up our entire team.

Someone who is not only self-aware but also sees value in others around them.

What’s on the Inside Counts

See, we all have more inside of us to give than what we really realize…

teamAnd that could mean that we have power or strength or capacity inside of us to do even better than what we really realized that we can do. We always have more potential. (I’ve actually written some great lessons recently about potential, check them out here and here.)

So, I try to find people who have the right attitude and a lot of enthusiasm…

Self-starters who have potential.  

They come in and they want to be given an opportunity to grow and learn and do better. They want to show you that they’ll be one of the best people you've ever hired.

I also want to know what their vision is… what they want to be doing in a year or two from now...

If somebody says, “Well, I would really like to be doing your job in a couple of years,” that's a good thing!

Those are the types of people I want to surround myself with on my team.

I want to work with them to lay out an opportunity for them to be hungry and eager and gung ho about it.


From own personal experience, I’ve noticed that as a leader of my company, I tend to gravitate toward the people who value the same qualities and goals that I value.

So, figure out your core values and goals, and then find the people who share those to join your team.

How Do You Hire?

Got any tips about hiring the right team? Share below.


Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Determine your core values and goals, and then hire people who share those.

Look for people who have grit and are willing to help those around them.

Recognize the potential in people and help push them toward it.

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