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Business Development

Teaching Your Property Scouts About Motivated Sellers

2018-8-30-260.jpgDo you have property scouts (a.k.a. bird dogs) who’ve joined your team with loads of real estate investing knowledge and know-how about dealing with sellers?

Didn’t think so…

See, most property scouts you onboard won’t know a thing about real estate investing.

And this is actually very typical and nothing to be alarmed about… because in today’s lesson, Dolmar Cross here, to help you get those scouts educated about the key to the investment deal: the motivated seller.

I Spy with My Little Eye Motivated Sellers

Your property scouts need to understand that if they ever want to get paid, they have to learn what a motivated seller looks, acts, smells, feels and tastes like. 

The best definition I’ve heard for a motivated seller is:

“An owner of a property whose number one goal in life
at this moment is to sell their piece of property.”

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