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Business Development

How to Find Contractors - Ones that Like to Work

bonoI’m a big fan of the Irish rock band U2.

Always have been – ever since one of my buddies introduced me to their transcendent sound and spacey lyrics back when I was in high school.

Needless to say, I’ve spent decades rocking-out with Bono and the guys, blasting their greatest hits from numerous car stereos and thoughtfully considering the words to all their songs.

And after all these years, I have reached a groundbreaking conclusion about these talented musicians:

They don’t know how to find good contractors!

That’s right.  Good contractors.

Doubtful?  On multiple levels?  Yes, I know.

Just hear me out…

freudAnalyzing U2’s Unrequited Yearnings

Even after twenty years of fame and fortune, U2 continues relentlessly announcing to the world that “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for”.

That’s a very long time to be looking for something!

The longevity of this yearning indicates that the object of the band’s desire must be quite elusive – probably ranking among the top three most sought-after items in the universe:

  1. Knowledge of God
  2. A Perfectly-Crafted Turkey Sandwich
  3. A Good Contractor Who Likes to Work

Now, based on my knowledge of U2’s other songs and “extracurricular” pursuits, I know that the band is very in-touch with the spiritual side of things, which immediately eliminates “Knowledge of God” from their list of possible searches.

sandwichAlso, we here at Real Estate Mogul recently obtained photographic evidence of Bono thoroughly enjoying what appears to be a perfectly-crafted turkey sandwich, which leaves only one other target for the band’s perennial longings…

They, like many other people in this crazy world, can’t find a good contractor who likes to work!

Bob McIntosh Knows How to Find Good Contractors

Fortunately, we were recently able to enjoy another insightful chat with Bob McIntosh, in order to ask “The Red-Headed Rehabber” himself about this often frustrating topic.

Bob is a full time rehabber who proudly runs a thriving and highly-profitable rehabbing business in multiple markets.  He knows a thing or two about finding good contractors, and he has agreed to share his wealth of highly practical knowledge with U2 – and with you, too.

First, though, you may want to “set the stage” by checking-out some of our other insightful interviews with Bob, including:

Then, once Bob has sufficiently earned your trust regarding his knowledge of “the basics”, lend him your ear once more as he unlocks one of the universe’s greatest mysteries in today’s lesson.

Bob McIntosh Explains How to Find Good Contractors...

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Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Start Now – Use Bob’s recommendations to start building a list of good contractors.  (Just because you don’t need a contractor now doesn’t mean you won’t need one later!)

Due Diligence – Be sure to screen the contractors you encounter – especially those at your local retailer’s coffee station.  (Call their references and/or examine their body of work.)

Tell the Irish Rockstars – Inform Bono and the guys from U2 that we finally found what they are looking for!  Use social media, certified mail and/or a good ol’ fashioned turkey sandwich to get their attention!

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