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Business Development

How to Get Access to the MLS

jonesWhat if there was an easy and cost-efficient way for you to access a multiple listing service database (MLS) – the Holy Grail for real estate investors?

If you would jump on that lucrative opportunity like white on rice, then congratulations!  Your brain is working very well!  And lucky for you, today’s lesson will explain how everybody – including you – can now obtain unlimited access to the MLS’s comprehensive mosaic of real estate data.

Or, perhaps you are wondering, “Who cares about MLS data?”  Perhaps, nobody has ever explained what a valuable resource the MLS can be for your investing business.  If that is the case, then it is my pleasure to inform you of the following three facts.

A Few Facts About the MLS

Fact #1:  The MLS is a suite of services that serves the real estate investing community in several important ways:

  • It enables real estate brokers to establish educated contractual offers of compensation among licensed brokers.

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