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Business Development

Keep That Money Carrot Dangling!

2015-8-13-260.jpgHi guys, it’s me again, Alex Pardo. Today, we’re gonna talk about something I’ve learned that is incredibly important when it comes to building a strong team full of key players.

I’m talkin’ about incentives.

For today’s, lesson I’m going to cover how to build team incentives and why doing so can mean the difference between making money and not making money. While it might seem counter-intuitive that by giving away money so that you’ll make more money, I’m about to tell you how implementing this strategy can be a real game changer.

But first, for those of you who may be new here at Mogul and not familiar with me, feel free to check out my awesome previous lessons to learn more about me and my background. As for the rest of you, let’s keep…

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