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Business Development

How 'Free' Can Really Hurt Your Business

Hey there, Moguls.

So, if you guys read last week’s awesome mindset lesson, you met our new expert, Ken Spohn. For today’s lesson, Ken is going to tell us how some of us may be getting robbed – but not of money…

What is being stole from us is something way more valuable than money. What the heck is more valuable money? Well, if you’re a great investor, you already know the answer…


How so? Well, Ken’s going to give us the details in today’s video lesson. But first, let’s reintroduce this super-smart and experienced guy since he is a little on the Mogul “green” side.

Who the Heck is Ken, Again?

He’s the real deal – Ken has more than 18 years of experience in the real estate investing industry and currently runs multiple REI websites, consults for major software projects and is a business and life coach. What we like best about Ken is that he’s the bomb-diggidy at lead…

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