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Business Development

Productivity Pro Tip: How to Save a Ton of Time in Gmail

gmailHey Moguls, Alex Pardo here. I’m back again with yet another ninja time-saving video lesson.

You know by now that when it comes to my business, I wear only one hat. I like to run my business from the CEO seat. I believe in people, processes and systems, and I like giving you front-row, VIP access to those processes and systems, so you can apply my tips and experiences to your own businesses. (You’re welcome!)

But first I have one important question for you…

Do you have a Gmail account? If you don’t, get one, like yesterday. If you do, you’re one step ahead, because today’s tip – which applies to all types of businesses –  is sure to save you a ton of time and energy by leveraging a tool within your Gmail account, one that most people don’t even know exists.

As you’ll see in this video lesson, all it takes is one little click of this stealthy button to increase your productivity… and ultimately, the size of your wallet. Oh, and probably alleviate some frustration! Here’s a hint: canned response. Silly words? Kinda… but awesomely helpful, you’ll see…

So, watch, learn and enjoy…

{Mogul Elite Members: Download a transcript of this video lesson in the Power Pack Tools for this lesson}

Aren’t you pumped to implement this ninja tip?! It’s okay if you’re doing a little happy dance; it’s certainly warranted. High five to Gmail… now get to it.

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Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Learn how to work from the CEO seat.

Get yourself a Gmail account asap.

Know what a canned response is

Leverage that Gmail tool that few know about.

Save time and increase productivity. 

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