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Productivity Pro Tip: How to Save a TON of Time with Text Messages

textHey Moguls, Alex Pardo here with a terrific video lesson.

If you’ve been following my previous lessons, you know I’m a huge advocate of systems, automation and delegation.

I’m about working SMART, not HARD. You with me?

So, in last month’s lesson, I covered how to leverage the ‘canned response’ in your Gmail account to save yourself a TON of time. Today, I’m going to show you how you can use the ‘canned text response’ with this awesome free app.

Can It and Learn

Before I show you how it’s done in this video lesson and how this will save you a lot of time in the long run, let me explain how the canned text response works.

Do you ever find yourself sending a similar text message to different people? If so, you’ll love this tool. Let’s quickly run through why it’s so helpful – based on my experience with it in my business…

Whenever my Acquisitions team member acquires a property, our virtual assistant will market that property online and syndicate it through 3rd party sites. As a result, we often get buyers who call or text us asking about the property and how we operate. Sometimes even several months after we’ve sold the property.

There was a time when my sales guy or I would send a text message with all the information they requested, along with our website (landing page), and we’d always ask them if we can add their email to our cash buyer’s list.

That text message probably took about 30 seconds to create. Maybe a minute if it was multiple text messages.

How would you like to save that minute?

Doesn’t sound like much, but if you are constantly building your buyer’s list (which you should, hint, hint), this could amount to 5-30 minutes per day. Multiply that times 7 days a week, and we’re talking a few hours a week. Now it sounds pretty helpful, huh?!

Now what about if you are working with motivated sellers who like to text? Or agents who prefer to text? 

I think you are starting to get the idea here...

So, have a look at this video lesson for the rest of the awesome details of this time-saver.

You’re Gonna Love Canned Responses

Told you this was helpful!

Now you can use the canned responses keyboard to insert pre-recorded responses in a single click.


Just think of the common text messages you typically send, add them to your canned responses app, and next time you receive a text or want to send a text with a canned response… just click the message and voila!

Talk to Me

Comment below with some canned responses you typically text.


Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Download the free canned response app.

Add the common texts you typically send to the app.

Spend the time you’re saving with canned responses doing other things – like closing deals and making money.

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