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Business Development

REI Outsourcing: How to Not Fail At It (Avoid These Mistakes)

outsourcingOutsourcing has clearly become a key cog in the pro real estate investor’s wheel these days.

I mean sure, at first you do it all yourself – when you’re wet behind the ears and learning the REI ropes, that just makes sense.

But once you've notched a few nice wins on your belt, have a pretty good idea of the type of real estate investing business you’re aiming to build, and how stuff works, then the next logical steps will likely lead you into at least dabbling in the outsourcing arena.


A masterfully planned and well executed outsourcing strategy can absolutely take your business to the next level. Sounds cliché perhaps, but it’s true.

Meaning, real estate investing 2.0.

Meaning you get to be more “owner” and less “technician”.

Meaning you’re now operating at a higher,  more effective, and mind-blowingly saner level than the next guy, who’s still trying to figure out how to do it all himself for the long haul.


Let’s be honest, there’s also a heck of a lot of scrapes, bruises and flat-out carnage to be had in the outsourcing arena. For every REI outsourcing success story, there’s an equal or greater number of “crash and burn” nightmares.

the fact is, outsourcing well can be among your biggest wins, while outsourcing poorly can be a big, fat sucker punch to you and your business. It all depends on the painful mistakes you end up either making or avoiding as a part of your own learning curve.

Which is why we hope you’re learning everything you can from those who've done it right – like our own outsourcing ninja Joe McCall.

If you missed the first part of our revealing conversation with Joe on this topic, then you should really hear how Joe first cracked the code of outsourcing his business and his personal feelings on what to outsource first (and what not to).

Some really great stuff there. Seriously.

So today we’ll go another step further in with Joe, and discuss:

  • What are the biggest potential pitfalls for investors when hiring virtual assistants?
  • What if you can’t keep them busy?
  • Tactical tips and tricks for managing VAs well on a day-to-day basis
  • Recommended VA/project management software Joe uses and loves
  • 4 essential things your VA should report to you every single day (no exceptions)
  • And a whole bunch more…

Bottom line: If you’re interested in learning the right way to go about outsourcing some part (or almost all) of your real estate investing business, then Joe’s someone worth paying close attention to and emulating. The guy’s just done it right.

From Joe McCall, Business Development Advisor…

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Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps
  • Review: If you haven't already, watch the other lessons in this series on REI outsourcing: Part 1: How Joe cracked the outsourcing code and Part 2: What to outsource first (and what not to).
  • Fall Back: Come up with at least one “fall back” activity for your VA to work on – possibly even another business to build for you

  • Over-Clarify: Set clear expectations and guidelines for your VA.

  • Mornings: Have your VA email you whenever they begin work each day

  • Evenings: Expect and require daily updates on what they did, including:
    ...1) All tasks and time spent
    ...2) What challenges did you encounter?
    ...3) What questions do you have for me?
    ...4) Is there anything I can do to make your job easier?

  • Leverage: tools like Google Doc, Dropbox. Basecamp and Teamwork PM 

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