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Business Development

REI Outsourcing: Where to Find Good Virtual Assistants

virtual assistantLearning how to effectively outsource the various cogs on the wheel of your real estate investing business is a real buzz topic right now.  After all, who doesn't want to leverage the skills and time of others to craft your own little “4 hour workweek” type setup?

Until recently, common wisdom was that it just can’t be done effectively – not in the real estate investing world at least. There’s just too many important moving pieces that demand your own attention, insight and time.

Then people started actually doing it – successfully outsourcing much (in some cases, most) of their REI operation to VAs. And suddenly, the belief barrier was broken, and others have followed quickly in line.

It’s like our own little 4 minute mile :-)

So if  you've been following our “Business Development” lesson series lately, then you already know that one such outsourcing success story is our own Joe McCall. Previous insights from him on this topic include:

  1. REI Outsourcing: How I Cracked the Code
  2. REI Outsourcing: What to Outsource First (and What NOT to)
  3. REI Outsourcing: How to Not Fail At It (Avoid These Mistakes)

So today we’ll take another step further into Wonderland with Joe in asking him to specifically share where the best places are to find a good Virtual Assistant.

From part time to full time…from pre-trained VA networks to hiring one-on-one… From local U.S. moms for hire to Filipino head hunters… if you’re trying to crack the REI outsourcing nut by hiring a virtual assistant or twelve, then I guarantee you’ll be glad you caught this one.

There’s more than one way to skin this cat (side note: Does anyone ever really skin cats? I mean, where did that come from?!?)  …and you’ll hear us discuss a number of them in the video below.


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Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Start by going through the first few lessons in the “REI Oursourcing” series if you haven’t already, and do all the action items associated with those lessons…

If you’ve done that, then you should already have made a list of things you don't like to do and/or don't do well, and a “Stop Doing” list of things that aren't absolutely essential for you to do, that someone else could be trained to do.

With this in mind, you should also already know which aspects of your business you want (or need) to outsource first, and you should know whether or not you want to hire local (U.S. VA) or overseas (Philippines, India, etc.).

You should also have mapped out some basic expectations of your first (or next) VA, come up with fall back activities, and have your mind wrapped pretty well around a profile of the basic skills you need, and budget you have to work with.

At this point, the next step is to get off the fence and hire your first dang VA! If you’re feeling nervous or scared about making a mistake and hiring the wrong person…it’s OK! Maybe you will. You’ll learn from it and hire better the next time!

Leverage these tools in managing and communicating with your VA:

  • Skype
  • Jing / Snagit
  • Google Voice
  • Email

Other resources mentioned in this lesson:

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