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How I Get My Best Real Estate Deals Today - Part 3

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trophyA Quick Word from JP Moses, Director of Awesomeness…

Today we’re going to march right up to one of our Mogul faculty members and bluntly ask them an important “real world” question.  Point blank.  In your face.  No dancing around the issue.

What question will we explore?  Well, it’s frequently the #1 question on the mind of new and experienced real estate investors alike: “Where do you find the best real estate deals?”

Yes, in today’s competitive real estate market, he who has the best deals is KING!

During the last year, I’ve had a chance to explore this topic with numerous Mogul faculty members – including the likes of Alex Youngblood, Cody Sperber, Jamel Gibbs, Steve Cook, and Joe McCall, just to name a few.  But today the hot seat belongs exclusively to Sergio DeCesare – a top short sale broker, master flipper and hardcore dealmaker investor in Naples, FL.

sergioThe Underground, Underground Guru!

Now you may have never heard of Sergio before, which would be no surprise.  You see, Serg is one of the true “underground” gurus out there. Unless you’ve done business with him or personally crossed paths with him at some point, then chances are this is the first you’ve ever heard of him.

But the guy’s a highly-experienced short sale negotiator/facilitator.  In fact, he’s a true ninja at connecting distressed sellers with BUYERS  And he’s done about every type of deal you can imagine – from buying and selling distressed notes, to short sales galore, to wholesaling, etc.  To learn more about Sergio, just check-out his website.

Sergio has learned that every successful real estate investor must adapt their business to current market trends – or get left in the dust.  And in a recent phone call with me, Sergio explained candidly that he is now exploiting the “perfect storm” for rehabbing and retailing, which today’s market is quietly serving up for us on a silver platter.

With that said. Let’s turn to today’s conversation with Sergio regarding “How I get my best real estate deals today.”

From Sergio De Cesare, Deal-Getting Advisor…

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Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Relocation Funding – When using direct mail to explore deal opportunities with potential sellers, consider your ability to offer “relocation funding” as an extra perk for unmotivated sellers.

Sleek Marketing – Consider your ability to make upfront investments in sleek marketing materials (envelopes, letterhead, etc.) in order to generate more profitable returns from your direct mail campaigns.

Wake Up Early – When searching the MLS for deals, check early in the morning each day – and remember that the early bird catches the worm.

Familiarize Yourself with Market Research – As often as possible, enter your negotiations with a confident clarity about neighborhood-specific resale values. 

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