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How to Profitably Exploit Zillow and Trulia to Find Deals (No, Seriously!)

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punchWe all know that Trulia and Zillow stink…

…but Joe McCall is a tough guy who doesn’t put up with slack from anyone – not even Zillow and Trulia!

In fact, legend has it that Joe is “The Chuck Norris of Real Estate”.

As you might suspect, based on Joe’s previous lessons about investing and technology, he has found a way to judo chop these troublesome websites into useful, money-making weapons.

And today he’s going to tell you how it’s done.

But first, let’s commiserate for a moment, shall we?  Sometimes it is healthy to just vent with somebody who cares, and Zillow and Trulia have caused much grief for numerous Mogul members (like you?)…

hitZillow and Trulia are Not “In” with the Cool Kids

It is no secret… For the past year, real estate blogs have been blowing-up with complaints about the numerous inaccuracies within Trulia’s and Zillow’s websites. Thousands of investors warn their comrades not to use these frustrating sites, and here is why:

#1. Zillow and Trulia properties are often posted late! Their listings can be posted up to nine days late (whereas the MLS takes only a few minutes). By the time you find a lead, there are probably other offers on the property – or even worse, it could already be sold!

#2. Trulia and Zillow listings are often unreliable!  Approximately 36% of the sites’ combined listings are actually off-the-market. These properties have already been sold, or are no longer available for sale.

#3. Trulia and Zillow listings are never comprehensive!  Trulia only lists 81% of all properties that are actually for sale, while Zillow only lists 71% of available properties.

#4. Trulia and Zillow listings use valuation estimates from Mars!  Only 33% of Zillow’s estimated property values are within 5% of the actual sale price, and only 50% of the site’s estimated property values are within 10% of the sale price.

What’s that?  You don’t believe me?  Click here to check-out Zillow’s data for yourself.  (I’m not playin’…)

So… How are can these frustrating sites be helpful to you?

Despite their flaws, Joe McCall knows some helpful Chuck Norris moves that will turn Zillow and Trulia into your newest weapons for making profit!  (BAM!)

mcnorrisWhat Makes Joe Tough: He Takes a Fist to the Competition

In today’s competitive market, you gotta fight to stay in the game.  That’s why Joe is exactly the right person to demonstrate all the right moves:

  • Joe has a black belt in the special niche of Wholesale Lease Options. It’s not easy to develop a masterful skillset in this area, but Joe mentors numerous students across the country.
  • After developing his unique investing methodology, Joe surpassed his full-time income as a civil engineer and switched to full-time investing after just 3 months! (Double BAM!)
  • Most recently, Joe has spent the past five years totally kicking a** (and taking names) in wholesale investing. He averages approximately $3,000-$6,000 a pop.

So put on your protective gear and jump in the ring with Joe today.  Let him teach you a thing or two about maximizing your usage of Zillow and Trulia…

…but beware of his deadly roundhouse kick!

Watch Joe McCall in action, and learn from the master…

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Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Follow -- Follow Joe’s advice and use sites like Zillow and Trulia to understand market demand and identify your sweet spots.

Search & Identify -- Search for homes that are for sale and for rent in your "sweet" spots. Identify the homes that are within the median range. Write down all the addresses of these potential deals and the addresses of their owners.

Mail -- Mail yellow letters to the owners.

Wait -- Wait for potential sellers to call you. Make Deals. Make Money.

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