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Inner Game

Just 5 Minutes to Make Your Life Awesome

5 minsHey Moguls, Patrick Riddle here…

I’ve had dreams of money falling from trees, knocking on my door and magically appearing in my bank account. Such sweet, sweet dreams...

...and then I wake up. Sound familiar?

Feeling crushed and frustrated, I wonder how the heck I can make it happen in real life...

But the harsh reality is, I can’t. You can’t. None of us can. But what we CAN do is work proactively. I’m talking about getting out there, working hard, building solid relationships, leveraging those relationships and ultimately succeeding beyond our wildest dreams.

Mama Said There’d Be Days Like This

But what about the days you don’t feel doing a darn thing? We all have them. I know I do. Life happens and things don’t always go your way... and it sucks sometimes.

But here’s the other thing I know…

I know how vital it is to my ultimate success to wake up every morning and say:

“I’m Patrick Riddle, and I’m going to make today a great day.”

But when being proactive and finding your happy place seems impossible, what do you do? Well, in those down and darker moments, I challenge you to refocus on your goals. Get yourself in the most positive mindset possible by doing what makes you happy, relaxed, focused and refreshed. Motivators are going to be different for everybody, so find out what makes you tick and make it a daily practice.

That’s a key word here my friends... daily.

Here’s the thing: We often think that skipping rituals like breakfast or morning coffee will ruin our days. But those are physical rituals. What I’m talking about here – what will really make a difference in your long-term success – are emotional, mental and spiritual rituals.

The Power of Daily Rituals

Daily rituals focused on emotional, mental and spiritual well-being will help create a state of flow in your day. Focusing daily on these rituals will keep you in tune with your goals and visions, helping to create inner peace and happiness. And it’s not as hard as you might think to find your happy place.

Some ways to raise your awareness and focus are meditation, reviewing your goals, reading inspiring quotes or simply expressing gratitude to someone.

I challenge you to take just 5 minutes every day to focus on what makes you happy and focused.

Just 5 minutes a day. That’s a small “sacrifice” to make for big results over time.

Eye of the Tiger

curveLook, we give up at things way too soon. It’s our nature. We practice things until we can’t stand practicing them anymore then we throw in the towel when we stop seeing immediate results.

But here’s the thing: The pattern of success isn’t quite what most of us think. We don’t keep improving, growing and succeeding on a constant uphill – like my picture to the left. That’s simply not realistic.

stairsWe do, however, make a successful leap and then plateau. And the pattern repeats – like my picture on the right. So the bottom line is stick with it when the plateau occurs, and know that another leap to success, another step toward the road to bigger and better things is ahead.

It’s all About ”Blissipline”

Nope, it’s not a typo – you read it right.


I can’t take credit of the term, but man, oh man, do I dig it! Blissipline is the discipline of keeping yourself in a state of daily bliss. Remember to do what you need to do, whatever works for you, to get there.

After all, personal growth and inner happiness are all about being in the right state of mind where we are fully conscious of our abilities and our path to accomplishing our goals – all within a state of comfort and security.

Remember, 5 minutes a day. Try it. It just may change your life.

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Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Take 5 minutes a day to recharge your batteries and refocus on your goals.

Remember emotional stress should NOT be the norm; daily focus and happiness should be.

Discover what makes you happy and helps you find inner peace.

Stop focusing on physical rituals, and know that it’s all about mental, emotional and spiritual practices.

Put these rituals into practice daily!

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