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Inner Game

9 Traits of Success Makers

kidIt’s Mindset Monday, Moguls!  And, boy, lemme tell ya...  I am on fire with considerations for your personal “inner game”.

Specifically, I'm feeling so inspired, and so appreciative of where I am today.

But, despite this current season of joy and gratitude, have I reached my own personal zenith in life?

Do I feel completely and utterly fulfilled and satisfied with my where I am today?

The short answer?  No.

And therein lies the purpose of today's lesson…

I still have so many goals and so much more I want to accomplish with my life.  And it’s not just about money – not at all.  Money doesn’t buy happiness or love, and the most successful people in the world know that.  (Just ask The Beatles.)

Instead, the success I’m talking about today is everlasting, holistic success.  That is, success that transcends…

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