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Inner Game

How to Change your Reality on a Dime

morpheusHey guys, I just got back from one of my awesome Mastermind Meetings in St. Louis, and I always come back from these meetings a sharper, better version of myself with a head full of great ideas.

One of things that was addressed at the meeting that was especially meaningful and fits perfectly into today’s Inner Game lesson is a concept I’d like to share with you that’s pretty powerful.

Have you ever heard the saying “…on a dime?”

As in:

This car can stop on a dime…

The economy is not likely to turn on a dime…

The weather can change on a dime…

The idiom “on a dime” is used to represent something that can happen very quickly. Instantly.

So what do you think I mean when I say “You can change your reality on a dime?”  Yep, I am saying you can change your realityinstantly. How?


Complain About the Negatives or Appreciate the Positives

Abraham Lincoln once said:

“We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.”

So, you choose your reality when you look at a rose bush. Do you see a thorny bush that could be a possible inconvenience, or do you see a bush filled with delicate roses? You must choose your reality sometimes. And it's not mystical, magical or new-agey – it’s just how God wired our brains to work.

Your Thoughts are your Realty

Here's a fact:

Your thoughts control your awareness, your reality, and how you experience it. What you focus your thoughts on inevitably expands in every way around you.

Author, businessman and motivational speaker known for his theories on wealth and motivation, T. Harv Eker says:

“What you focus on expands. Focus on the positive.”

Have you ever wanted something and then all of a sudden it seems like that something is everywhere? You know, like when you decided you want to buy a certain type of car, like a red PT Cruiser (don't judge)…and then (all of a sudden) you notice there are red PT cruisers all around you.

Clearly, nothing really changed but your AWARENESS. And that's because you made a mental decision, which focused your mind (both conscious and sub), which then opened your awareness to see things it hadn't before.

So how might this work in your business?

If you tend to focus on the parts of the business that are a struggle for you, the obstacles you feel you're facing right now, or the limits or barriers standing between you and your goals...then what is your constant awareness? What are you attracting and constantly keeping in front of you? Yep, the very thing(s) you don't really want.

2014-06-23-jedi.jpgI'll say it again:

What you think about expands, so focus (like a laser) on the things you're fiercely striving TOWARD.

The noble achievements you're aiming for are what you want expanding in your awareness and in your world around you. You CAN control your thoughts. (Perhaps there is something to Jedi mind trickery?) And the more you find yourself intentionally thinking thoughts that focus your awareness on the stuff you want in business (or life), then the more you'll find yourself moving toward them.

Author, Rick Riordan once said,

“Humans see what they want to see.”

It’s so true… so why not focus on seeing the positive, choosing your reality and living a better life?

What do you Think?

I wanna hear from you… Have you personally noticed a change when you started focusing on the positive? Share some encouraging thoughts with us below!


Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Decide to change your perspective.

Focus on seeing the positive.

Increase your awareness.

Expand your life.

Enjoy a new reality.

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