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Inner Game

Investor or Impostor...Which Are You?

disguiseThe French philosopher René Descartes once famously declared, “I think therefore I am”.

In today’s Mindset Monday lesson, Midwestern philosopher Dan Nichols puts a slight spin on this famous concept – essentially saying, “If I don’t think, then I am not”.

Kinda brainy, huh? Too esoteric for a Monday?

Yeah, I know.  Let me try to unpack this a little bit, before we turn the floor over to Dan himself…

Check-Out the BIG Picture

First of all, it was easier for me to understand Dan’s latest lesson when I considered today’s ideas in their proper context – as the sixth (and final) installment of Dan’s recent series of interviews with Real Estate Mogul.  Maybe I’m dense, but I needed to catch a glimpse of the BIG picture – considering the entirety of Dan’s message – before I could properly appreciate today’s über-brainy insights.

Perhaps you, too, might benefit from a trip down memory lane.  If so, here is an overview of all the foundational “groundwork” Dan has provided during the last few months:

thinkerAs I considered Dan’s historical context, I remembered that I tend to be my own worst enemy, frequently standing in my own way and blocking my own road to success.  I remembered that the proverbial “ball” remains entirely in my “court”…

…and that awareness began to unlock a couple of very important boxes in my brain (and heart).

Be Brave. Be Honest. And Open Your Mind…

Which leads me to my only other preliminary advice before today’s lesson: As you begin to take responsibility for your own mindset, be brave when confronting who you really are, and be honest about the possibility that you may be living as an impostor...

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Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps


How can you change this "impostor" mindset in yourself?

  • Know - First of all, acknowledge that this as something you’ll probably wrestle with for a while.  (Knowing is half the battle.)
  • Consider - If you don’t think you are currently who you want to be, then thoughtfully consider the following question: “Why not me?”
  • Act - Do whatever you need to do in order to prove who you really are -- no matter how difficult and/or scary it may be.
  • Share - Once you have proved your true identity to yourself, go ahead and prove it to everybody else, too.

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