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Inner Game

The Horsepower of Habit

Hey Moguls, Doug Van Buskirk back again…

Our lives are made up of a series of small choices – those choices add up over time.

And what are habits but individual choices that we make over and over?

When we look at our lives, we know that where we are at this very moment is the result of the choices we’ve made up to this point.

Life doesn’t happen “to” us.  It happens because of us.

If you’ve got a habit of eating pizza, you’ve probably got the waistline to show for it. If you’ve got a habit of helping under privileged kids, you’re probably really appreciative of all the great things you have in your own life.

Hiding in Plain Sight

So the question is… What are your habits?  And have they created the life that you want?

When we step back and examine this, it becomes really easy to see the root of our successes AND our shortcomings.

That awareness is the foundation that your future success is built on.

What are your three best habits?  How have they contributed to the things you cherish most in your life? What habits do you KNOW are holding you back? 

How would your life be different if you could eliminate those patterns of behavior.  Or put differently, how would your life be different if you committed to making different choices?

The Business You Created

So let’s bridge the gap…

What are your habits as an investor and entrepreneur?  And can you clearly see how your habits have shaped your situation right now?

You’ve spent the ast 2 years studying, networking and taking action 6-7 days a week, right?

Then I bet you’ve got the deals and the profits to show for it.

quitterDo you find it tough to squeeze a bit of study time in between Game of Thrones episodes? Then you’re probably wondering why this real estate thing isn’t working so well.

When you study your choices and habits, you can see that the solution lies within yourself and your ability to make choices that reflect the passion you have for the life you want to create.

One of my favorite sayings is, “small hinges swing big doors.” And that’s clearly the case with your habits.

Send a Shockwave through Your Day

There’s a good chance that the first thing you do is look at your phone – either to check email or read the news or Facebook.

If you’re like I was for years, you’re already hitting the pipe of technology before you even sit up in your bed.

So what’s the big deal?

Well, when we start our day with the negativity of the media and the stress of emails from people wanting things from us, it sets a negative tone that we carry with us for the rest of the day.

Here’s what’s worked a lot better for me (I loosely borrowed this from Tony Robbins):

1. Alarm rings, immediately get out of bed.

2. Head directly to take an ice cold shower to shock myself awake and to assert discipline.

3. Spend 10 minutes in silent thought, focusing on two things: what I have to appreciate in my life and what I intend on getting done that day.

Let me tell you that simple shift in habit has sent shock waves throughout my entire day!

Now, do you have to take an ice cold shower?  No, of course not.  Just find something that will wake you up and put you in the driver’s seat for the rest of the day.

It’s always helpful to categorize, so here are some different areas of your life that are worth examining:

  • Mindset: Are you focused on the positive?  Are you grateful for what you have, or bitter for what you don’t have?
  • Network: Are you consistently adding new, stimulating people to your social and professional networks?
  • Knowledge: Do you make the daily choice to add action-based, empowering information into your brain?  (As a Mogul member, I’d say you’re well on your way in this department.)
  • Courage: Are you really taking the kind of massive action that it takes to create massive change?  No matter what level you’re at, you can ALWAYS step it up a notch – if you choose to.
  • Persistence: What kind of habits do you have in relation to adversity?  Have they helped or hurt you?

Maybe It’s My Fault

So what we realize is that none of the things we want – money, happiness, success, power – are a watershed moment, where everything happens at once.

Instead, they’re a product of many smaller choices, decisions and habits.

It reminds me of a really powerful Nike commercial with Michael Jordan called “Maybe It’s My Fault.”

He talks about how people only remember his game-winning shots and superstar stats and says:

“Maybe I led you to believe that basketball was a god-given gift – and not something I worked for every single day of my life.”

That’s habit.  Every day – even when no one’s looking.  Even when we’re tired, frustrated, bored or depressed, we decide to push forward.

And after years of hard work, we’re lucky enough to be called…an overnight success!

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