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Investing Strategies

Apartment Investing: 4 Flawed Reasons You're Not Doing It

incredulousDo you get nervous at the thought of purchasing a large property, such as an 80-unit apartment building?

Do you fear that a property with 80 tenants might represent an investment that is 80 times more difficult than your previous investments in single family housing?

If these concerns and other similar concerns are rattling around in the back of your head, rest assured that you are not alone.  (In fact, you are probably a thoughtfully analytic and conscientiously disciplined investor – which are good characteristics to have in this business!)

Yes, many thoughtful investors are hesitant to take the plunge into multifamily real estate, because multifamily investing demands intelligent insights into a variety of new (and unusual) concerns.

Chris Urso has Answers!

Accordingly, in order to provide you with the best multifamily insights around, we here at Real Estate Mogul are pleased to reintroduce the one-and-only Chris Urso – an entrepreneurial investment manager with plenty of successful experience in the multifamily arena.

ursoDuring the last few weeks, Chris has graciously taken the time to explain (i) why he made the switch from single-family investing to multifamily investing and (ii) how he has assembled a growing pile of nicely cash flowing apartment buildings in various markets.  You can check-out Chris’s previous lessons by clicking here (When Is ‘NOW’ a Good Time?) and here (Go Both Ways?).

But we know that many of you are justifiably concerned about your own ability to follow in Chris’s footsteps, because “it all just seems so big and complicated”.

Today Chris explains how simple the multifamily world really is, and he deftly debunks the four primary objections to incorporating apartment buildings into your own real estate portfolio.  It’s really not that complicated!

From Chris Urso, Multifamily Maven…

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Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Study – Take the time to get to know your market.

Finance – Take a risk and ask people for money.  (You’ll be surprised at how many are willing/able to be passive investors for multifamily real estate!)

Contextualize – Understand that multifamily real estate is not scary; it’s just common sense, with a few extra zeros attached to some numbers.

Delegate – Use a good team to help with the larger demands of larger assets.

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