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Investing Strategies

How to Spot a Sublime Student Housing Investment - Part 1

dougAs you may recall from our recent lesson about “Why You Should Invest in Student Housing”, new faculty member Doug Fath is a total rockstar in the student housing niche.  Not only is Doug a serial award-winning entrepreneur and investor, he’s also a gifted teacher and coach for real estate investors (like you?) who are interested in student housing.

Let me elaborate…

Doug knows student housing investments like Tiger Woods knows golf.  This guy started four companies and sold two of them right after he reached the legal drinking age.  Now he runs a multimillion dollar real estate and development company which would be more than enough for 99 and 44/100ths of the population. 

But it’s not enough for Doug!

Doug also enjoys educating others in growing passive income and entrepreneurship through another company he runs –


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