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Investing Strategies

Multifamily Investing: When Is ‘NOW’ a Good Time?

goalMore often than not, the epic journey from real estate investor to real estate mogul involves more than basic residential houses. I mean houses are great – don’t get me wrong. But most investors I know typically envision multifamily investments to be at least a part of the mix at some point – maybe even the ideal endgame.

And it’s classic “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, right?

You start off with some residential rentals, build up your portfolio, manage them well, and then eventually leverage your way up to bigger assets with a more zeros on the end.

And the more you learn about real estate investing, the more tangible and apparent the advantages of multifamily apartments tend to become. Advantages like:

  • More money: More zeros equals more profit for you, right? At least that’s the idea.
  • Inflation hedge: Multifamily real estate investments tend to hedge well against inflation.
  • Tax wins: Multifamily real estate is nicely depreciable.
  • Economies…

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