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Investing Strategies

Remote Rehabbing 101: Market Selection

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A Quick Word from JP Moses, the Director of Awesome...

lori greymontMeet Lori.

Lori’s one of our esteemed Mogul faculty members.

Lori’s sold over 1,350 houses and, until recently, had never seen a single one of them.

Wait, hold up a sec…let’s back up a minute…

That’s right, Lori hasn't actually seen any of these 1,350 houses that she’s bought and sold over the years. 

Lori’s experience in real estate is long and wide – her whole family’s been in the game her whole life, and since 1987 she’s been involved in all matter of traditional and creative real estate deal making (rehabs, wholesale, lease options, sub-2, land contracts), she was even a Bulk REO maven for a season, she’s managed fund acquisitions, and property management on a nationwide scale…

But at the moment, Lori’s modus operandi of choice is rehabbing remotely.

In other words, she lives in San Jose, CA and runs a rehabbing operation in Atlanta, GA. Even more…

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