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Investing Strategies

Remote Rehabbing: Managing Contractors from 2,431 Miles Away

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lori greymontFrom Lori Greymont, Rehabbing Adviser...

This is a continuation of our fascinating conversation with remote rehabber Lori Greymont.

If you've tuned into our previous lessons from Lori, then you already know her modus operandi is buying and rehabbing distressed properties across the country, then reselling them in tiptop shape to passive cash flow investors as turnkey rentals. She does this remotely from her home base near San Jose, CA, and until recently had never even seen any of the 1,350+ houses she’s turned.

Lori and I had an extended, unscripted dialogue about her operation and how she does what she does. And over the last few weeks I've been sharing some of the key lessons from our in-depth conversation for anyone in Mogul who may want to learn how one of the greats does it, or maybe even follow in her footsteps.

So far in our chat with Lori, we've discussed how she selects her target remote market, we've talked about…

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