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New Market Rehabbing: What's Changed, What's Not and How We Crush It

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rehabbingQuestion: Is rehabbing houses (i.e. fixing and flipping) still a good idea in today’s tumultuous market?

Answer: Yes. I mean, heck yes.

Second question: Well, is it pretty much the same as in pre-crash years, or have things changed very much in today’s rehabbing arena?

Answer: Well…both.

The fact is, some things have changed a heck of a lot (buyers are lazier than ever, for example) while other things haven’t really changed much at all.

And as you might guess, knowing one from the other will spell the difference for you between enjoying ridiculous success rehabbing houses, or enduring big, fat, expensive “lessons” from the school of hard knocks.

So today let’s spell out some of the most important ones for you, in plain English, shall we?

Meet the “Red Head Rehabber”…

Bob McIntosh is a full time rehabber who, together with his dad, proudly runs a thriving, highly profitable rehabbing  business in multiple markets.

There’s a reason they’re on our Mogul team of advisors: These guys are machines. The systems and processes they've built for renovating homes has been tested and works successfully in any market anywhere in the US.

Recently we challenged Bob to answer three pointedly important questions for us regarding rehabbing houses today:

  1. What’s changed or distinctly different in rehabbing houses today?
  2. What hasn't changed, but has remained basically the same as pre-crash?
  3. How are you crushing it in today’s arena?

To answer these questions, Bob was kind enough to record a video lesson for us. Boom!

This is specific, tactical advice tailored for rehabbers contending with exact market we're in right now.

You'll learn:

  • What's changed in the last year or so
  • Buyer's market or seller's market?
  • What HASN'T changed? (What's stayed the same)
  • Key lessons they've learned from today's new buyers pool
  • Exact strategies they use to grab and keep buyers' attention (text messaging, QR codes, etc.)
  • How they're beating their competitors out by setting themselves apart
  • The importance of "future proofing" your rehabs (including examples)
  • How to contend with the laziest buyers they've ever seen
  • Importance of knowing your numbers, price range, and buyers
  • What you need to crush it in today's market

So tune in to Bob's video as he shares from the richness of his very successful "Red Headed" rehabbing business.

From Bob McIntosh, Rehabbing Advisor...

{Mogul Elite: Download a transcript and MP3 of this video in the Power Pack tools for this lesson}


Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps
  • >Be careful not to get caught up in bidding – banks may not approve the loan
  • Keep buyer’s cash outlay in mind
  • Remember, buyers want instantaneous access to information about your house
  • Offer lots of information via website, physical marketing, text on demand
  • Consider “Future-Proofing” your houses for today’s buyers
  • Consider high-voltage plugs
  • Retail buyers are lazy
  • Do whatever you can do make it completely move-in ready
  • Check your numbers
  • Do your due-diligence
  • Know your city’s price range
  • Manage your contractors
  • Don’t get discouraged if you hear ‘no’ 

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