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Investing Strategies

6+ Ways to Find Buyers Now

Are you one of those investors who isn’t always sure what you’re going to do with a deal after you get it under contract? When you’re just starting out, it’s easy to slip into scarcity thinking.

Hey Moguls, Jason Lucchesi back with you again, and in this lesson I want to give you enough ways to find buyers that it’ll dispel that scarcity thinking forever. Some of these strategies you may never have thought of before.

Let’s get started…

Facebook Groups

One of my students told me that he needed a buyer. We made a post in a Facebook group and within 5 minutes we had 10 people respond. It was in a certain geographical location, which is the key.

So, go to Facebook, select a certain location, then look for the real estate investing groups in that area. This is a free resource that you can easily and quickly learn to use to find buyers.


LinkedIn is yet another free resource.

LinkedIn calls itself “the world’s largest professional network.” This site is 300 million people strong - and growing.

People are buying, selling, investing or otherwise dealing in real estate. You can join investor groups or seek out some of the top investors on the site. Jump in and start networking. The buyers are there.

Another great benefit of LinkedIn is that you can link your account to your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or other social media accounts.

Remember, finding buyers is all about networking.


Meetup helps people find and create communities based around activities that matter to them — such as real estate investing. Meetups are formed around a common interest, and then they’re sustained through regular, face-to-face gatherings.

meetingJust a little research will uncover investor Meetups in your area. Go to the Meetup site, run a search for real estate investors and then add in your community name. You might be surprised at what you’ll find.

REIA Clubs

Real Estate Investor Association (REIA) clubs (groups) are found all around the nation. Again, it’s just a matter of doing a little research to find what group(s) meet in your area.

I serve as a board member in my local REIA club. A couple of months ago at one of our meetings, someone asked me about finding buyers. I simply asked the group:

“How many people in the room are looking to buy properties right now?”

The buyers raised their hands. In a matter of minutes, that investor had just found about 25 buyers in one single location.

I said, “Now go network with those buyers and start doing business with them.”

Local Title Company

Network with the people at your local title company. (Make sure it’s an investor-friendly title company.)

Get to know them, and ask:

“Do you know of any individuals who are looking to buy properties? I’m looking to connect with investors who have cash, and who can take on properties quickly.”

They’ll likely be able to connect you with the right people. After all, it means more business for them too.

Real Estate Agents

If you’ve formed strong relationships with local agents (and if not, why not?), you can find agents who can show you recently sold, cash transactions. Take that information and connect with these cash buyers.

reltorWho are they? What are they buying? In what neighborhoods are they looking for properties?

This can be like a gold mine.

Public Records

Researching in the public records for cash buyers is yet another resource.

You can contact them to see if they might be interested in buying other properties. My business incorporates this strategy.

We use a skip trace company called TLO to find that individual. This allows us to get their phone number so we can connect with them.

Joint-Venture with Local Wholesalers

We’ve already noted that there are investors in your area that you may not even know are there...

Find one who is already established, and find out if that investor is open to doing a few co-wholesaling deals. Teaming up is always a great way to share talents and energies, share marketing expenses and do more deals.

Another Thought

With all of the resources at your fingertips, there’s yet another step you have to take. It’s not enough to make two or three phone calls here and there.

You need to make lots of calls.

When I first started, I went out and visited real estate offices every single day. I talked to about 100 agents before I found three or four that would do business with me. And with these few, I began to build strong relationships.

Your goal should be to talk to potential buyers every single day. Create your phone-calling routine and lay that foundation. Very soon you’ll find some really great cash buyers.

It’s What We Do

All of what I’ve shared in this lesson is exactly what we do in our business to find our buyers. If you’re looking for a “magic button” that makes buyers simply appear when you need them, it’s not likely to happen.

However, I can say that the more buyers you become closely related to, and the more buyers you do business with, the less searching you’ll be doing. Your own group of buyers will be standing by at the ready.

That’s a goal to work toward.

Your Buyer Story

Do you have group of buyers you work with? How did you find them? Tell us in below.


Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Create your goal of building a team of buyers for your business.

Be serious and intentional about networking.

Use the resources suggested in this lesson.

Set up a daily routine of time slots when you’ll make your networking calls.

Make sure your deal is a real deal before presenting it to a potential buyer.

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