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Investing Strategies

5 Ways to Work Around 30-60-90 Day Deed Restrictions

chartOkay guys, I have an interesting (and troublesome) topic to discuss today… I know you’ve heard about ‘em: Those nasty Deed Restrictions.

They suck, yes. Can we just ignore them and hope for the best in our avoidance of them, no.

Alas, I’m devoting this post to those little buggers. And let me apologize ahead of time for my tone and behavior in this post, I really just don’t like these and it shows. Just typing about it makes me cranky. But here we go…

The Basic (Crappy) Concept

More and more today, investors just like us are finding that we have to deal with seller Deed Restrictions. Yuck. It stipulates that as a condition of the acquisition that we (as the buyer) can't resell a property too quickly. It’s usually a 30, 60 or 90 day deed restriction.

Look, to put it frankly, this restriction is a pain in the arse. To add insult to injury, it just doesn’t even make any sense either.

Oftentimes, this restriction pops up from banks…

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