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Tech Tip: 2 Quick SEO Hacks for More Website Leads

seoSo you've got a super duper, fancy pants real estate website with all the bells and whistles...

Unfortunately it seems to be the best website no one's ever heard of?

Well you're not alone. It's a familiar story actually.

  • Investor needs solid website.
  • Investor gets killer website.
  • But no one ever finds website.
  • Investor is confused, knows he should do something, but has no clue what.
  • Investor gives up on website marketing, makes more bandit signs instead.

In a previous chat with Mogul tech advisor Trevor Mauch, we dipped our toes into the often murky waters of SEO (search engine optimization), and discussed the importance of choosing the right keywords for your website.

Today we'll gently walk another couple steps in together, and reveal a couple of quick, easy to impliment SEO hacks that anybody can do to your website without any real SEO knowledge -- but that offer you some real bang for your buck.

If you want to know how to get more eyeballs to find your real estate investing website in the almighty search engines, then this lesson's for you.

From Trevor Mauch, Web & Tech Advisor...

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Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps
  • If you haven't done so already, go watch this video on how to choose the right keywords for your REI website.
  • Once you know your top keywords, optimize your Title Tags as described in today's lesson.
  • Set your website up for Likes, Tweets, or G+ because Google sees this as social proof.
  • If your website is Wordpress based, here's a list of popular social plugins you may consider.

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