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Zap! Easiest, Awesomest Way to Sync Internet Stuff

zapWhat I'm about to share is going to make some people giddy with excitement. Especially if you're using multiple online website and services in various ways in your business. Get ready for  some much welcome simplicity...

So it all started with this random, weird little email I got from Joe McCall

JP! This is sooooooo cool... 
Have you heard of Zapier? You can "zap" & sync information
between 148 different apps / websites with this nifty little tool.
One of my REI students just showed it to me.  (If you're willing to
stop and listen to your students once in a while, you will learn
the coolest things from them!!) 
You can sync information between
online services like aweber, gotowebinar, basecamp, zendesk,
google docs, etc - with just a simple drag and drop.

Peace out, Joe McCall

“Wait, what??”

That’s what I said right after I read Joe’s email. Because I kind of got what he was saying, and also kind of didn’t quite get it. So I called Joe up and asked him to explain it to me again. And when he did, it literally blew my socks off.

Ok, not “literally”.  Why do we always say that when we don’t mean it, anyway?  What would it actually take to literally blow someone’s socks off their feet? A tornado? But somehow, “It figuratively blew my socks off” just doesn’t have the same kick to it.

Sorry, tangent. Anyway here’s the deal…

If you’re like me (and most of us) then your real estate investing business is increasingly using a number of online websites and services in its operations. Website services, email list managers, project management, virtual assistant interface, Dropbox, Google Docs…need I go on?

Individually these services are great and all.  Some of them downright revolutionary.

The problem is, syncing data between services like these on the web has always been a royal pain. Either you do it by hand or you buckle down and hire some fancy Odesk guy do create an API. And if you’re not technical at all, you’ve had few places to turn for help.

Enter Zapier

Zapier is for busy people who know their time is better spent doing their business. Instead of wasting valuable time coming up with complicated systems, hiring coders, or manually moving data from one thing to another – you can use Zapier to sync the web services you and your team are already using on a daily basis.

Whether that makes perfect sense to you or sounds like Greek for Geeks, it’s far better to actually see it in action yourself. So I got Joe online with me and actually got him to demonstrate it in action with a real life demo.

Check out this video session with Joe on how Zapier works, and let’s see if those synapses of yours don’t start firing off all the amazingly cool ways you can use this thing to streamline your own business operations online…

From Joe McCall, Web & Tech Advisor...


Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

If this floats your boat, then you already know what to do. Sign up for Zapier and start getting things oh-so-streamlined.

Heree's a a few ideas to kick you off...

  • Collect your website leads (buyers, sellers, private lenders) into your Aweber autoresponder > Zap those leads automatically into a Google spreadsheet for quick, easy follow-up.

  • Use Google Tasks to track your to-dos > Zap them automatically into Basecamp To-Dos. Personal productivity meets project management.

  • Collect private lender leads on your website (Aweber) > Zap those leads automagically into your weekly, rappor-building weekly webinar (in GoToWebinar) > Zap those same leads into your Google Spreadsheet and/or Google Contacts for personal follow-up

The possibilities here are really expansive. I suggest perusing through the products and services they currently tie into, and let your imagination go wild.

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