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Deal Deodorant and 7 Secrets to Sexy Valuation

deodorantIn addition to all the excellent real estate knowledge that’s shared throughout this site, the folks at Real Estate Mogul are nice enough to invite “dirty” number-crunchers like me to do some sharing of our own.

Yes, rather than being offended, I was actually delighted when Mogul asked me to help with today’s video lesson about the “dirty word” of valuation – and why it’s so important.

As it turns out, I’ve actually got a helpful can of “deal deodorant” right here…

Weird Title, Important Meaning

Yep, I am fully aware that the title of this lesson may be one of Mogul’s craziest titles ever…but I’m kinda like that!  (Aren’t we all?)  And in fact, the title actually makes perfect sense for the information I’m gonna share today.

Everyone knows that the concept of valuation ain’t sexy, but without it, you ain’t gettin’ nowhere with your real estate deals.

So in today’s video, I explain why valuation really is the foundation of real estate investing. (No pun intended!)

You simply cannot execute a high-quality real estate deal without proper valuation.

Property valuation matters so much because, if the property is valued correctly, it could change your life (at best), or at least your portfolio (at a bare minimum).

My goal in today’s video lesson is for you to understand how and why proper valuation can make the difference between an “average” deal and a great, life-changing “knock-your-socks-off” deal.

jacksonNot “That” MJ (But Much Better for Real Estate Investors)

I enjoy bringing you all this valuation goodness because I actually love the art/science of real estate valuation.

(Someone has to love it, right?)

And usually, when people are passionate about a certain aspect of their career, it’s a good thing for them to teach others about it.  (And, hey, it appears that Mogul enjoyed my last lesson about “The Stuff Results Are Made Of”!  So there’s a little bit of proof!)

But for those of you who don’t know me yet, I’m not only finding some encouraging success as a real estate investor…  I’ve also been a licensed appraiser since 1999, and I’m and the founder of InvestorCompsOnline.

This means that I (happily) find myself enjoying the best of both worlds…  Specifically, I get to continue my focus on world-class valuation techniques while also teaching others about how to marry high-quality valuation principles with the rest of their real estate investing disciplines.

Known in the industry as “MJ”, I’ve closed real estate transactions totaling millions of dollars.  And although valuation comes first, I’ve learned that valuation is only one of many important components of thorough deal evaluation.

So I’m thrilled that today’s lesson gives me an opportunity to share all 7 of my Appraiser Secrets for sexy/savvy valuation, which include:

  • The “Cost and Income” Approach
  • How Best to Interpret Comparables
  • Analyzing a Property’s Market and Neighborhood
  • And more!

Check out the video below, and listen in as I “deep dive” into all 7 secrets and explain exactly how to use them, so that you can make the right final decision on every property you consider.

MJ explains his 7 secrets to sexy valuation …

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Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Know that Valuation Isn’t a Dirty Word – No it’s not sexy, but valuation is vital to landing a great deal. Valuation comes first - remember that!

Understand that Proper Valuation Can Make or Break the Deal – The right valuation can change your life so don’t underestimate its importance and value.

Learn the 7 Appraiser Secrets – MJ’s 7 secrets are the meat and potatoes to reaching the final decision on a property – learn and use them!

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