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Business Development

Virtual Investors: 3 Ways to Get Feet on the Street (#3 Will Blow Your Mind)

Hey guys and gals, JP Moses (aka Director of Awesome) here…

I have a terrific video lesson for you today about virtual investing. Nope – no Matrix stuff here – what I’m referring to is investors who do deals in markets other than where they have a physical presence.

Wanna go Virtual?

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been in REI for a short time (as a green newbie), or for several years (as a seasoned veteran), sooner or later ideas of business expansion begin to formulate in your brain. I know that’s the way it’s been for me.

You may want to deal in properties nationwide from your home base where you live. Or you may want to take yourself to a remote location – like an exotic resort with a cocktail in your hand as you soak up the sun beachside – and still conduct your business back home remotely.

And I’m willing to bet (if I were a betting guy), the first question that comes to your mind is:

How will I ever be able to check out these properties when they’re miles away?

It’s Definitely Not Virtually Impossible to go Virtual.

For some of you out there, this dilemma, this challenge, may be the very thing that has kept you working in one location for so long.  But, thanks to nearly 15 years in the REI business, yours truly has the answer…

In this video lesson, I’m going to put to rest those hedging doubts and reservations by telling you 3 ways that you can have eyes, ears, hands and feet right where you need them, when you need them. And they will be credible

Once you get hold of these three options, you’ll no longer have any excuse not to become a powerful virtual investor. You’ll have the exact tools you need to do business from any point on the globe that has internet access.

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Holla at us

Are these three options viable for you and your REI business? Have you implemented them and found success? We wanna hear about all that good stuff in the comments section below.


Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Move Out of Your Comfort Zone – Don’t let lack of knowledge stop you from expanding your business.

Dig In and Find Answers – If you’ve had even an inkling of becoming a virtual investor, don’t stop till you discover exactly how to make it work.

Embrace the Technology – Because of the plethora of technology at your fingertips (literally) there’s no excuse not to conduct business virtually.

Think Big – Once you increase the boundaries of your business by thinking nationally and globally, exponential growth will result.

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