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Business Development

Burned-Out Solopreneur? How to Stop the Insanity (Part 2)

stewieRemember how MacGyver created stuff, like missiles, from your mom’s curling iron? Well that is exactly what our expert, Sean Terry has done. He started by his lonesome, turned into a real MacGyver, and now has his own entrepreneurial A team.

In the prequel to this series, we talked about his mental shift from a soloprenuer to an entrepreneur, and today in Part 2 we are gonna get into the specifics of how to choose the people for your A team.

Why MacGyver and Terry are Sameies

  • Being a former marine platoon leader, Sean, (like MacGyver) know how to operate mass weapons of destruction
  • MacGyver can solve any problem with duct tape and a Swiss Army knife. Terry can solve any problem with a pen, T-chart, and 1 piece of tape
  • Both were great planners, leaders, and knew how to handle situations
  • If you cut off the bottom of MacGyver’s mullet, they look alike and they both love to hang at the beach (Although you have to admit MacGyver rocked that mullet better than anyone).

Creating Your A Team

As Hannibal said, “I love it when a plan comes together!” And when it comes to creating a real estate investing A Team, no one has planned it better than Sean Terry. In this video, he shares:

  • Why "hiring cheap" is a critical mistake
  • Why you should make a T-chart and what it brings
  • How to find the quality employees that are right under your nose
  • Why you should administer the Kolbe test
  • How to find awesome employees administering a trial phase
  • How entrepreneurship will change your quality of life and how to keep it that way

Ready to Hear How A Platoon Leader Gets It Done?

So, are you ready to learn how Sean Terry exploded from a soloprenuer to an A Team Entrepreneur?

Attention: Press play and salute (there is an officer on deck).

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Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps
  • Decide that you're committed to no longer doing it all yourself.
  • Make a list of every task you do in your business.
  • Evaluate those tasks, narrowing it down to a short list of "highest and best use of yourself" things for you to keep on your plate.
  • Identify the employees you need by categorizing the remaining tasks into task groups.
  • Focus first on hiring the employee who will produce the biggest bang for their buck and help you directly generate revenue.
  • Require your employees to take the Kolbe test to assess their personality and makeup. You need to ensure you hire the right people for the jobs at hand.
  • Initiate a 1 month trial period for all new employees and assess their skill, motivation and overall fit.
  • Extend a 6 month employment contract to anyone who passes your 1 month trial with flying colors.

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