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Business Development

Hiring Your Dream Team: The First 5 'A-Players' You Need (and Why)

2014-10-30-260.jpgHey there, folks. Today we are graced by the presence by one of our newest experts, Alex Pardo, an awesome new addition to our Mogul Faculty Advisor arsenal. Hopefully, you caught his previous lesson series about selling properties at lightning speed. Today he’s back in action and eager to share how to build your investing Dream Team and why this is so important.

But, before we throw this ball in the court…

Pardon Me, but who Is Alex Pardo Again?

Alex is native of Miami and graduated from Florida International University before entering the corporate world with GE Consumer Finance. It didn’t take him long to realize that working 70+ hours a week for someone else wouldn’t  fulfill his dream of helping others and the lifestyle he envisioned.

Within just 1 month of launching his real estate investing business, Alex landed his first deal (a short sale) that lasted 3 months and made him almost as much money as what he was earning in Corporate America. Needless to say he hasn’t looked back…

He currently owns a few businesses and is determined to provide value to other entrepreneurs while maintaining a successful investing career. He has trained with many of the top experts in the world of real estate investing and is dedicated to bringing quality information to real estate professionals across the country.

Alex is a true visionary and constantly strives to improve himself and others around him.

Knowledge for Your Noggin’

So, what specifically is Alex going to share with us in his video lesson? You’ll learn:

  • Dream Team Perks – How a dream team will get you more deals, more money and more time to focus on more priorities.
  • Laying your Team Foundation- The first 5 people you should hire and why.
  • Leveraging Power – How to leverage your Dream Team effectively and for the most potential success.
  • Alex’s Resources – Which resources he uses for the hiring process and why.
  • Prescreening Process – How you should prescreen applicants and why. Why you should prescreen with tasks.
  • Domestic vs. International Virtual Assistants – The pros and cons of local vs. International VAs.
  • And much, much, more and all the nook and crannies in between.

So without further Ado, here’s Alex Pardo….

Note: Alex’s video is quite in-depth, so for quality purposes please watch the video in full screen.

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Questions, Comments…

Do you have your Dream Team in place? How did you get ‘em all? Tell us about it in the comments section below.


Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Decide for which positions you are going to hire people.

Write down the resources Alex suggested (or others if you have them) to start the hiring process.

Screen your applicants.

Administer a task test to the applicant you like.

Value your employees and give them the tools they need to do their job.

Achieve success with your Dream Team.

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