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Business Development

How I Flat-Out CRUSH Each Day (In the Morning)

Hey Moguls…

In this Mindset Monday video lesson, we’re giving out some powerful mindset tips and techniques shared by Alex Pardo. If you’re curious about how Alex handles his morning time, and how it compares to other less-successful investors, then this is for you.

What does it matter how you start your day? In this video, Alex will answer that question and leave not one doubt in your mind.

Why Listen to Alex?

This guy is well worth listening to because his results prove that this regimen really works. Alex’s plunge into real estate investing began in 2005 when he made the decision to dump his career in Corporate America. Within 1 month of launching his real estate investing business Alex landed his first deal – a short sale that lasted 3 months and made him almost as much money as what he was earning in Corporate America. Needless to say he hasn’t looked back…

Alex is a visionary and he constantly strives to improve himself and others around him. Because of that, he’s become a mentor to many in the REI industry, which is great for us here at Mogul.

And be sure to check out his previous awesome lessons – they’re loaded with great info.

Happy Days?

So how are your days going?

  • Are you happy with how your business is growing?
  • Happy with how much you accomplish each day?
  • Happy with how your goals are being met?
  • Happy with your current lifestyle?

If you aren’t able to answer yes to these questions, you may want to take a second look at how – as Alex suggests – you start each day. This isn’t pie-in-the-sky stuff – this is how Alex lives.

Watch this:

Hopefully you were taking some helpful notes from this video lesson. Now, begin to implement Alex’s morning success strategies this very day.


Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Step 1: Set Yourself Up For Success: Sleep patterns and wake-up habits will affect your day – for better or for worse.

Step 2: What To Do When You Wake Up: Be intentional about creating a vitalizing morning regimen.

Step 3: Fuel Your Body: Low on energy? How are you fueling your body? What you consume does make a big difference.

Step 4: Fuel Your Mind: Successful people are readers; always learning; always expanding their realm of knowledge.

Step 5: TAKE ACTION: A current, oft-referred-to, goals list will keep you on track. Each day take a few action steps toward your goals.

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