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Business Development

Private Money vs. Hard Money vs. Buddy Money

Hey guys – Cody Sperber here. I’m back again with another great lesson. I want to help you to have a clear understanding of the differences between private money, hard money, and what I’ve come to call, Buddy Money. More on the Buddy Money subject in just a minute…

Through the years, I’ve found this to be a big source of confusion for newer investors. Not just how each one works, but also when is the best time to use one or the other. Sometimes these definitions are blurred. So today, we’re gonna take a look.

First of all, let me say that I remember when I was a newbie investor – the amount of information that I was trying to learn was overwhelming. It was tough to keep everything straight in my mind. This is one of the reasons why I so enjoy coming to you with these lessons. I want to break it down for you in easy-to-digest and understand bits.

So, let’s dig in. We’ll cover:

  • The…

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